who is cricket goat

The full form for GOAT is “Greatest of all time”. This is the term which is used in every sport not only in cricket. The GOAT of cricket can be selected on the basis of formats and even on the basis of the country he/she belongs to. Most Indians are having the question who is a cricket goat. Virat Kohli is given the tag of GOAT of India. In the same way, different cricketers were named goats of different countries. 

Who is The GOAT in Cricket?

In the modern time, Virat Kohli is known for elegance as well as style. He is a powerful batter with a classic hitter. Virat Kohli has shown various good performances in recent years while playing for India. Very few cricketers have the good mental strength to become the greatest cricket player of their time. By seeing the competition level, he never gave up his attitude. He has a strong mind as a player. 

  1. Resilient mind: Because of their good mental strength helped them to become the best cricket player of the time. He has a good spirit of playing a wonderful game. He is showing the character only for India. 
  1. Adaptability: He has a great adaptability mindset. This is shown by him in the game of cricket against England, Australia, and even more. He even scored a century against SENA. He easily gets adapted to the situations faced by him in the game. 
  1. Technique: He was awarded the tag of “GOAT” because of the technique he is following for playing the game. Virat Kohli is having the perfect grip on the game. Some of the techniques he is using during the games are unimaginable by the fans. Every Indian likes to see Virat Kohli’s game. He is also the master of spin bowling. 
  1. Aggression: He is one of the aggressive players when he is playing for India. He is using his eyes and hands to play against the opposite team. His aggression is helping the players to play best and make their fans happy. Many Indians think that he is the king of cricket.
  1. Consistency: it is a very important task to maintain performance throughout life. Kohli has proved himself in the field of consistency. He made the runs consistent in his career. The fans are having great expectations from Virat Kohli. That is why he was known as the GOAT. His consistency has led India to win many tournaments against various teams. Most of the players face the challenge during the captain ship but Kohli delivers consistency in this situation also.


The “GOAT” is used to declare the best player in the game. This word is used in every game. There is no agreement between the players that no one can take this tag. As we know that as time passed many new players emerged in the game and break the records of the old player. Virat Kohli is the person who has set new records. 

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