Every wooden plank of your house tells a different story. A story of nature’s marvel and a story of human craftsmanship. Flooring, to be precise is a white sheet where your dreams take the form of reality in a number of ways. So, it becomes crucial to choose the right material before moving on to get your flooring done. In this article we will discuss which flooring, wooden or engineered is a better choice and what are the pros and cons of using both these options in your dream house.

The beauty of engineered parquet flooring

In the world of engineered floorings, parquet floorings are the best. They offer beautiful designs and patterns which will make you fall in love with your flooring a little more every day. Engineered parquet flooring is made with the help of solid oak and other woods to make complex designs. These complex designs make patterns which not beautify your living space but also makes your floors appear to be larger and more spacious. Now, you might be thinking what is the use of this engineered flooring? So, the best thing that this flooring option offers is the resistance. Resistance to a number of things such as temperature fluctuations, heat, humidity, etc. In short it acts as a protective layer over your wooden floor which keeps the wooden material safe and therefore new, for a longer period of time.

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The interlocking pattern of solid oak flooring

Solid oak flooring offers timeless beauty. Irrespective of time, place and country, this beauty continues to win the hearts of many. Keeping in mind the strength of oak and the beauty of its rich colour, this flooring option is usually floored in areas which demand a sophisticated and royal look. The grain patterns on this flooring multiplies the beauty of the floor to a number of times. It never becomes old or outdated. In fact, it is believed that a oak flooring looks even more beautiful and rich in colour after it gets a little old.

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The creativity in engineered parquet flooring

The engineered parquet flooring offers enough space for your creativity to unfold. These planks can be installed anywhere in the kitchen or balcony too. These areas are the most exposed to heat and other kinds of extreme temperature fluctuations. But the engineered parquet has this ability of resisting such harsh temperatures thereby, making it the best choice specially for your kitchens where heat becomes a constraint in case of various other floorings.

Solid oak flooring- a sustainable option

Using eco- friendly materials not only makes you a responsible person but, at the same time also makes your house a sustainable and a little eco- friendlier every day. The natural beauty that comes with the solid oak flooring beautifies your house everyday and radiates the warm reflection of the deep and rich colours which come with this flooring. Engineered floorings are comparatively less sustainable in comparison to the solid oak flooring as they do not have that protective engineered layer protecting them from the environmental damages. But yes, this floor will protect the environment from any kind of damage that you can think of.

Which one should be your ultimate choice?

While there are a number of reasons which makes each of them best in their category but, both have their own pros and cons. Each flooring with tempt and suit its customers depending upon the customers choices and preferences. Now, if you are someone looking for a more artistic, designer, weather proof and technologically advanced flooring then the engineered parquet flooring should be your go to choice while on the other hand if you are someone who caves traditional designs, timeless beauty, rich heritage and that connection to your environment without much technological alterations done, then this is the best option for you. You can make an informed choice with the help any nearest store which will have all kinds of flooring materials displayed to you in no time.

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Summing Up
The wood flooring has been in trend for a considerable amount of time now. Although they are improving day by day with various kinds of technological improvements such as the engineered floors but the elegance remains the same in both the floors. If you are someone craving natural designs and texture, try going for solid oaks while if technology excites you, then go for the engineered floors.

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