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Tokyo is one of the major cities of the world famous not only as the seat of political and economic power in Japan, but also as a cultural force to reckon with. Tokyo is a fairly popular city amongst the international jet setters who visit the place quite often. Then, there is the host of foreign diplomats, expat professionals and business people who live in Tokyo. 

It is easy for them to come to live in Tokyo along with their families including children, because the city has some of the best CLSP and Top Schools in Japan. Let us look the most highly rated out of these-

Best Secondary and CLSP schools in Tokyo

  1. Global Indian International School, Tokyo

This is among the most well regarded of private schools in Tokyo and is very popular amongst the expat Indian community amongst others. It offers some of the most highly rated global curricula comprising Global Montessori Plus, the whole suite of the International Baccalaureate programs, Cambridge CLSP, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE.

The secondary school is fully in tune with 21st century aspirations of the new generation of students, boasting as it does of cutting edge infrastructure. This includes classrooms, labs, canteens as well as playfields and sports facilities out of the top drawer. Children who receive their education here grow up to be well rounded individuals poised to do well in whatever they Schools 

This is an International Baccalaureate continuum school par excellence who offer the full complement of the IB programs ranging from the kindergarten to the high school level. The focus of the school is on individual attention, thereby encouraging the students to become risk takers, communicators and team builders even while professing the best of human values including kindness. With the higher praise that the alumni of the school shower on their alma mater, receiving an education there is a privilege indeed. 

  1. American School in Japan (ASIJ)

This school was founded way back in 1902 and has grown to be an iconic educational institution. 50% of its students are American or dual nationality. All of them study Japanese in elementary school. That being stated, most of its students go to the US after completing their studies, while the rest go to Canada, Europe and UK or remain in Asia. The American School in Japan is accredited to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The curricula offered by it are the Advanced Placement (AP), American Elementary Curriculum and American High School  Diploma.

  1. The British School in Tokyo

This was inaugurated by no less a person than the late prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher in 1989. Today this co-ed international school has grown to accommodate 1100 students and provides the A-levels, IGCSE and National Curriculum for England. It is accredited to the British Schools Overseas Inspection program(BSO), the Council of British International Schools(CBIS) and the Independent Schools Inspectorate. This again is amongst the most well known international schools in Japan.

  1. International School of the Sacred Heart

This is a catholic all girls school founded way back in 1908 and is one of the most well regarded international schools in Tokyo, offering an education to students aged 3 to 18.  Its curriculum includes Adapted or School-Developed Curriculum at Middle School Level, Advanced Placement (AP), American High School Diploma College Preparatory) and International Primary Curriculum. This is a highly rated school amongst the ones who have English as the medium of instruction. International School of the Sacred Heart is definitely one of the most popular schools for girls in Tokyo.

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Tokyo is a fascinating city where one is exposed to not just the best of Japanese culture, but also myriad influences from around the world in this truly international city. Receiving an education here is a life altering experience that completely changes the world view of the students in question turning them into world citizens in the truest sense. 

The secondary schools mentioned in this article are amongst the best known international ones in Tokyo and see students from across nationalities enrolling in these institutions of learning to receive a stellar education. While many of these schools are run by international chains of schools, they do incorporate elements of local Japanese culture and ethics like hard work, diligence, respect for others and a commitment to achieving excellence in whatever one undertakes.

No wonder that expats are more than happy to let their children study at these schools and imbibe the same values that make Japanese the world beaters that they are. Though Japan is in Asia, it is a first world country which makes it unique in that its value system incorporates the best that east and west offer. Receiving an education in Tokyo, therefore, prepares one to go ahead and excel at whatever one undertakes in any part of the world.

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