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There are various ways to keep your body healthy and make your skin shine as bright as you want. You can eat a lot of healthy food, drink the required water, etc. But there is also something you can use to keep your body and skin healthy and strong, and that is hemp seed oil. 

Hemp seed oil is nothing but oil extracted from a hemp plant. This extraction occurs following the cold pressing process, as olives are pressed to extract olive oil. This hemp seed oil contains three polyunsaturated fatty acids: gamma-linolenic acid, linolenic acid, and alpha-linolenic acid, offering many health benefits to us. 

So, if you want to maintain good health and skin, learn the benefits of hemp seed oil and get a healthy body and skin. 

How Can Hemp Seed Oil Help to Improve Your Overall Health? 

1. Lower The Blood Pressure Level

Hemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. According to various research, consuming omega-3 fatty acid supplements and high blood pressure medicine can help lower the blood pressure level, helping people with hypertension. The next time you want to find a way to maintain your blood pressure naturally, consider getting the best hemp seed oil from Cannanda.

2. Provides Relief from Pain

Hemp seed oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which are essential to decrease pain. So, if you have immense pain somewhere in your body, you can consider applying some hemp seed oil to relieve the pain. 

3. Helpful for Pregnant Women

Hemp seed is considered to be a great choice for pregnant women. As it contains an ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids, it is considered to be a good supplement for pregnant women. According to a study, omega-3 fatty acid assists in the proper development of the baby’s eyes and brain and helps the pregnant mother get rid of maternal depression. 

4. Reduces Inflammation

Cannanda cb2 hemp seed oil or any hemp oil from a reliable manufacturer is considered good for reducing inflammation. Hemp oil has gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which is responsible for decreasing the possibility of inflammation in our body. 

According to a study, gamma-linoleic acid is good for reducing some inflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, which means hemp oil is good for maintaining your health by relieving the body from unnecessary inflammation. 

5. Maintains A Strong Heart

As we have mentioned earlier, hemp seed oil has an ample amount of linoleic acid, and this acid has been proven to decrease the LDL or low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and total cholesterol. Since the consumption of hemp seed oil can lower the cholesterol level, it can already decrease the risk of formation of any cardiovascular disease and stroke. 

How Can Hemp Seed Oil Help to Improve Skin? 

Hemp oil, extracted from the C. sativa plant, is not just good for our overall health but also for our skin. The proper application of hemp oil can help our skin to retain its moisture and brightness. But how can hemp oil help to brighten up our skin? Let’s find those below:

1. Helps to Get Rid of Dryness

Hemp seed oil has an ample amount of unsaturated fats. The presence of these unsaturated fats helps retain the skin’s moisture and assists in improving the skin structure. The hemp oil can transport electrolytes and impact the fluidity of cell membranes. It is known to have a good impact on dry and rough skin. 

According to a 2017 study, applying 0.5 cm3 of an emulsion containing hemp seed oil can offer enough moisture to dry and dehydrate the skin. Also, since hemp oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the lack of the same can develop scaly skin too. So, we suggest you apply the Cannanda cb2 oil to eliminate any possible skin dryness.

2. Reduces Inflammatory Skin Conditions 

Hemp oil contains anti-inflammatory compounds like fatty acids, CBD, antioxidants, etc. All these help reduce symptoms like itching on the skin, pain and dryness. It is also known to help eliminate other inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne rosacea, lichen planus, varicose eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. 

3. Reduce Acne and Acne Scars

Hemp oil contains various anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and oil-reducing properties. These properties are known to have the ability to reduce acne vulgaris. According to a study, CBD in hemp oil can help reduce the healing time for those suffering from acne. It can also boost the collagen level in our body and instigate other healing processes for those desperate to treat their acne as fast as possible. This oil helps to improve acne scars by removing them faster than you can imagine. 

4. Helps to Get Rid of Infection

Hemp oil contains antimicrobial properties, and antioxidants, which help destroy various fungi, bacteria, and viruses, responsible for a number of diseases in our body. Hemp oil also has some compounds that can help provide extra support to the natural barrier of our skin. As a result, the microbes cannot enter the skin and spread various unwanted infections and diseases. 

5. Reduces Skin Aging Symptoms

Hemp oil is believed to be able to treat skin ageing symptoms that usually come with age. As we have mentioned earlier, hemp oil contains a high amount of linoleic acid, which can prevent any age-related symptoms like thinning, skin dryness and atrophy. 

Hemp oil is also rich in compounds that can decrease the oxidative stress that occurs when free radicals damage the skin, causing wrinkles and fine lines. This oil can also combat skin ageing by instigating skin regeneration, maintaining moisture in the skin, improving firmness and elasticity, decreasing any possible skin dullness, and offering some extra brightness to the skin. It also helps our skin by boosting collagen production, which is another helpful source of getting shiny and bright skin. Considering the many benefits of hemp seed oil to our skin, we suggest you purchase a Cannanda cb2 to utilize all its benefits. 

6. Helps to Decrease UV Damage and Hyperpigmentation

UV damage and hyperpigmentation are the two sides of the same coin. Hyperpigmentation happens when our skin gets hit by direct sunlight. Whenever one’s skin suffers from hyperpigmentation, it gets some extra black spots on the skin, which are hard, even sometimes impossible, to remove. However, using hemp seed oil can help to reduce the damage caused by UV damage. Therefore, it can decrease hyperpigmentation. 

But how can hemp seed oil help to decrease UV damage and hyperpigmentation? Well, it contains a-linolenic and linoleic acid, helpful in removing melanin (a group of skin pigments) from the skin. That is why hemp seed oil can repair the possible damages caused by UV rays. 

Since both a-linolenic acid and linoleic acid can reduce hyperpigmentation and skin darkening caused by sun rays, they both are helpful for offering enough support against UV damage. 


Though many people do not use hemp seed oil, it is a great source of supporting our overall health and skin health. Hemp seed oil does everything from acting as a pain reliever to keeping the skin brighter and shinier. Therefore, keeping a bottle of hemp seed oil from a reliable manufacturer is always wise.

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