The only way out of a house or building is through the doors and windows. These windows and doors not only allow for light to enter a house, but they also provide ventilation. They are also decorative. They are essential to any home. It would be incomplete without them.

Due to their importance, it is vital that they are maintained. There are many types and styles available today for window and door installation. The aesthetic appeal of wooden windows and doors continues to be a popular choice. The doors can be customised to suit your style. They are durable and will last for many years.

The material is natural, but may have some problems after normal usage. The problems and damages that wooden doors may experience can be costly and time-consuming. The most common causes of wooden door damage can be fixed.

Addition of a protective layer to wooden doors, windows, or furniture. To protect wood against damage over time, varnish or lacquer can be used.

The extra coating will degrade over time. The beautiful and valuable wood door will be exposed. You may have noticed damage to your wooden windows and door if you’ve had them in your house for a while. Also discuss with handyman dubai.Even if your wooden doors are well maintained, they can still be affected by weather and usage.

Damage to wooden doors can be caused by improper installation, carpentry issues or other problems. This article will cover the most common causes for wooden door damage in 2023.

 Temperature changes and extreme weather conditions

Doors and windows in your home protect you against extreme weather conditions. These windows and doors can withstand UV light or hailstorms. This protective layer will wear off over time. Peeling or rotting may be visible on the door.

Natural elements are uncontrollable. Both high and low temperatures affect the wood. Imagine the door that you have doesn’t fit in its frame. Temperature fluctuations could have caused it to expand. Extreme temperatures can cause more damage. Exterior damage is always greater than interior damage. Read about custom stickers.

Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt can cause damage to almost anything. The same goes for wooden doors, window frames and protective nets. How much dirt and dust damage wooden doors depends on the location of your house. If you live in an area that is developing, these problems are more common.

High winds can bring a lot of dirt, which can scratch doors. The wooden doors are also drier when the wind is strong and dry. Dust will accumulate if you do not regularly clean your doors. Over time, the damage will become more evident.


Termites can be found in wood furniture, doors and windows. Termite infestations are common in tropical areas like India. Your wooden doors can be irreparably damaged by termites. According to surveys, termites are responsible for about 30% of the damage caused to wooden doors in urban houses.

You can prevent damage by using pest control. The cost will be higher than normal maintenance, but the results are worth it.


Who would have known that sunlight could eventually cause damage to your solid wood windows and doors? Wood materials are not harmful to your home. The sun can damage them.

You will constantly expose your windows and doors to UV rays if you do not shade them. Doors will be affected by the fading finish. As soon as you remove the outer layer or protective finish of wood, your doors will become more vulnerable.

The door is then left bare. It dries. It will crack if you don’t do the right things.

Improper installation

Incorrectly installed wood doors can pose a serious safety risk. Adjustments can fix carpentry issues, like misaligned frames and corners, or crookedness. Incorrect installation can lead to future damage if not corrected.

Screws and hinges that are loose

Imagine your wooden doors do not close correctly or are hanging in an unnatural way. The cause could be misaligned hinges or screws. Door Frames can then knock into each other, causing damage. An unstable door can cause structural damage.


Excessive moisture can damage wood. If exposed to moisture, they will absorb moisture. The door can become less functional as they get heavier. The door hinges may get loose.

The same is true for wood doors when it comes to humidity or moisture. The structure will expand and swell if there is excessive rain or snow. You will be unable to close the door correctly if this happens. It will also be more susceptible to mould, and the door’s security will be compromised. Visit a handyman dubai.

Normal wear and tear

With regular use, wooden doors and frames will chip and fade. The damage will occur more quickly if your wood is not of high quality. You have no other choice but to paint or polish the wood regularly. You can either replace or install new ones if they stop working.

How to care for your wooden door.

  • You can prevent your wood door from expanding by air drying it. Use a hair dryer, rotating fan or heat gun.
  • Wood doors can be made to look better by sanding them.
  • Periodically, apply sealants, paints or polishes to the surface of your door. The exterior will be protected by a new coating.
  • Replace the door if there is no other option.

This article concludes with:

It is impossible to eliminate all causes, even if you have the best protection for your wooden doors and windows. You can only minimise the consequences and effects by using the correct solutions. To ensure that wood doors perform well and last, you need to maintain them properly.

There are other options if you find maintaining wooden windows and doors a challenging task.

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