Wolfenstein is a game series that has often been overshadowed by others in the gaming world, but some of its games deserve to be known.

Wolfenstein is a very underrated series that deserves much more praise from gamers than it usually gets. Even though these games had a big impact on the FPS genre, modern players tend to forget about them in favor of Call of Duty or Battlefield, which focus more on multiplayer.

But the Wolfenstein games have been a mainstay of the gaming world. They aren’t as famous as they once were, but they should go down in gaming history as the games that changed one of the most popular game types ever.

Wolfenstein (2009)

Wolfenstein 2009 failed at a lot of things, in part because it was more focused on other franchises, like the recently hit Call of Duty franchise, than it was on the Wolfenstein games. This game’s style was a bit of a mess. Because it was made at a time when the gaming industry was going through a lot of changes.

Still, it did a good job of making a sequel to the highly successful Return to Castle Wolfenstein and getting people interested in the franchise at a time when that was very hard to do. It’s not the most interesting game to play now, but it’s still a memorable part of the series’ past.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

The Old Blood came out in 2015 and is a prequel to The New Order. It has a lot of the same style and flair as the highly successful change to the series. The biggest problem with The Old Blood is that it left out a lot of the story elements that made The New Order stand out so much from other FPS games. So, a nice addition to the series was made, but nothing really special.

Even so, fans of the series should check out Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. It was a great way to pass the time while the team behind the Wolfenstein games worked on The New Colossus. The Old Blood is a shorter but very funny story that added to the world of the series as it is known today.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory had one of the most troubled development processes of any Wolfenstein game. It was meant to be an online multiplayer game with a single-player story mode. When the single-player parts had a lot of problems. They released the online mode as a free and open-source game in 2003.

Enemy Territory pits two teams against each other as the Axis and the Allies. Because the game is open source, it has a great group of people who like to change it. Even though Enemy Territory was first thought of as an add-on for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It has had its own busy community for the past twenty years and became available on Steam in 2022.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the third game in the series that changed the way things worked. When Wolfenstein 3D came out, it was a big deal, but when Return to Castle Wolfenstein came out in 2001. It was the only game that made the player feel like a real, well-trained agent as they raced through the game.

In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the main character, William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, fought both Nazis and zombies. This was because the Nazis had unleashed a great evil in order to control the zombies. Even though the single-player campaign is what most people remember about Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The multiplayer mode became the most famous part. Team-based multiplayer was a big deal at the time. And it inspired a lot of other games to add similar modes.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

When the Wolfenstein series was updated for the modern gaming era, no one knew how successful the old-school series would be in a new, much bigger world with many different types of games. But because The New Order was so popular, it was followed up with a story about Blazkowicz and other survivors working to free America from Nazi rule.

Many people thought that The New Order didn’t need a direct sequel. But The New Colossus was a big success because the story, characters, and gameplay were all so well done. Many people liked the game because it reminded them of real-life political events in the United States at the time. The team made fun of these events with Easter eggs. But they didn’t mean for them to be such a big deal.

Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D is one of the most important games of all time, and it gets credit for that. Many people think that Doom was the first first-person shooter (FPS). But Wolfenstein 3D came out first and was credited with making the FPS genre famous.

This game was different from the previous top-down stealth games. Because it was about William Blazkowicz escaping from Castle Wolfenstein and going on different tasks against the Nazis. The way Drift Boss was played was new and a lot like how the first Doom games were played.

The New Order

If Wolfenstein 3D was an overhaul of a genre that wasn’t well-known. Then The New Order was a remake of the whole series. In The New Order, which takes place in a dieselpunk world where the Nazis won the war and now run the world. Blazkowicz fights a government that runs the whole world.

The New Order had a great story and great personalities. And the gameplay was better than many other FPS games that came out around the same time in 2014. This new take on the Wolfenstein series for modern gamers was a brilliant way to keep the series relevant in a world full of games.

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