Many innovations are being introduced to increase farmers’ income. Moreover, subsidies are provided by the government to the farmers through various schemes. Farmers can boost their income by using the latest farming innovations in such situations. Additionally, there are some farming-related works by which farmers can almost double their income.

Top 5 Ideas For Profitable Farming Business

There are many such methods for boosting agriculture by which farmers can increase their income. The main 5 profitable farming business ideas are as follows: –

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Boundary Plantation
  • Farming By Solar Panels
  • Growing seasonal vegetables
  • Flower Cultivation

Animal Husbandry

Farmers can boost their income by doing animal husbandry work along with farming. Farmers can follow milch animals like cows and buffalo in animal husbandry. We can earn good profits even by starting it on a small scale. Considering the demand for milk, dairy work has begun in various places.

Furthermore, the government also provides loans and subsidies to the farmers to open dairy. Farmers can take advantage of the government’s scheme by doing this farming business in such a situation. Under the scheme of NABARD, a 25 percent subsidy is given to the general farmer and a 33 percent subsidy to the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and women farmers for opening dairy. 

Moreover, farmers can also take loans from the bank for this profitable farming business. On this, farmers are given the benefit of subsidy on the interest rates under the NABARD scheme. 

Boundary Plantation

Farmers can improve their income by cultivating special trees with any HAV tractor on their fields’ boundaries. In this profitable farming business, you can plant rosewood, teak, bamboo, date palm, mahogany, and eucalyptus plants in the field’s boundary. After a few years, these plants will become trees and start producing. Note that the demand for wood of rosewood, teak, and bamboo is high in the market. 

Its prices are also good because many types of things, including furniture, are made from the wood of these trees. You can also increase your income by cultivating fruit plants like guava, mango, pomegranate, etc. The government also provides subsidies for the cultivation of fruits.

Farming With Solar Panels

Farmers can also increase their income by installing solar pumps in their fields under government schemes. Farming with solar panels helps in a profitable farming business in two ways. Firstly, the farmer gets 24 hours of electricity for irrigation, and secondly, farmers can produce extra electricity and sell it to DISCOMs. Furthermore, the farmer can also give the government his unused land on lease to install solar panels. In place of this, the farmer obtains the rent of the land. In this way, the government’s Kusum Yojana can increase your income.

Growing Seasonal Vegetables

Farmer brothers can earn good profits by growing seasonal vegetables and traditional crops. Moreover, farmers can cultivate those crops in seasonal vegetables, whose demand remains consistent throughout the year. In this profitable farming business, you can earn good profit by growing leafy and green vegetables with the help of any Escorts tractor, including potato, onion, tomato, chilli, coriander, and ginger. You can cultivate vegetables throughout the year by using polyhouse technology. The subsidy benefit is also provided to the farmers by the government for making polyhouses.

Flower Cultivation

Farmer brothers can also increase their income by cultivating special types of flowers. In this profitable farming business, the cultivation of marigolds is very beneficial for the farmers. Many farmers are earning good profits by growing marigolds. Farmers can also earn good profits by producing hibiscus, evergreen, jasmine, rose, mogra, gerbera, tuberose, gladiolus, chrysanthemum and aster, etc. Temples need flowers, and you can earn money by selling them there. Apart from this, you can earn money by selling it to companies making incense sticks and perfumes.

Moreover, higher profits can be obtained by selling fresh and dried flowers. If you cultivate flowers in one hectare, then it will cost 30 thousand rupees. After taking out all the expenses from sowing to harvesting, you can earn about Rs. 1 lakh from this profitable farming business.


These were the top five popular ways to a profitable farming business. Moreover, various modern technologies are available to increase the productivity of the farming field. Besides, smart farmers always look to improve farming income with minimal investment. Therefore, implementing the techniques mentioned above can significantly increase productivity, resulting in better living standards for farmers.

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