newborn gift set

Conventional newborn gift set looks cute but having a sentimental association with these hampers is priceless. We all have seen baby stores stacked with usual baby items. Guess why they all look alike? Well, such gifts lack uniqueness and personalization thus depicting one kind of love to the little bundle of joy. Getting your hands onto newborn hampers which possess practical yet sentimental value make a perfect keepsake that families cherish forever. As customized gift bundles standout out as one-of-its-own-kind, they make a perfect baby welcome basket. Just imagine your baby’s name imprinted on their favorite bodysuit along with personalised JellyCat Bunny resting beside them. So, stop gifting ordinary gifts and look out for newborn gift bundles that won’t break the bank.

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly signed is a magical world of adorable newborn gifts and bundles that aren’t to be found elsewhere. Even a premium newborn gift set curates a bunch of personalized newborn goodies that will surely win everyone’s heart. From personalized stuff animals to bodysuits to even blankets, we are happy to confess how this store offers a wide range of newborn essentials presented beautifully in to make a lasting impression on your loved ones. So, whether you build your own newborn baby basket or hand-pick their random baby gifts, personalisation is a must. Still looking for the perfect welcome bundle for your wee one? Look no further than Lovingly Signed!

Lovingly Signed offers customized newborn gift set which makes best welcome bundle that you can ever gift. Here are our top picks that make perfect welcome bundle for your baby.

Personalised Twins Blanket Set

There is something special for parents welcoming two miracles! When you are having double bundle of joy, you surely will need two bundles of gifts. This duo-baby hamper adheres to needs of each baby. Comprising of two Silky Cotton Blankets and 2 Jellycat Bunnies, we bet you won’t say no to this package. And what’s the best part? You can get these goodies personalised so that each kid has his/her own basket of essentials. Imagine your twins snuggling in the ever-soft blanket while hugging their little pal. Get ready to unleash true beauty of this set!

Hospital to Home

Give a warm welcome to blessed parents in their “Home Sweet Home” with the Hospital o Home gift set.  This basket features Cotton Blanket, a Jellycat Comforter, and Jellycat Bunny. A perfect combo of bedtime baby essentials you ever get! So, wrap your little one in their forever-soft blanket while they cuddle with their adorable buddies.

The Siblings Ready Set

As you welcome your newborn with amazing gift sets, you should not forget your firstborn. Buckle up as your firstborn is soon going to be an elder brother/sister. It’s a perfect time to prepare them for this big role. With this The Sibling Ready Set, prepare your elder ones about their new roles and responsibilities. This basket contains a JangFox 4-way washable bag which promotes the independence in your child by making them carry their own things. Plus, the popular storybook titled “You’re The Biggest”, lets your child witness the beautiful journey of being elder one. While elder child takes on their new role, you being a parent can put off some of the burden off your shoulders.

Personalised Polka Dots Essential Sets

This set is an amazing combination of two beautifully printed Polka Dots essentials that will always stay in fashion. Present this hamper to blessed parents which comprises of trendy yet practical baby essentials. This set carries bath and bedtime essentials which make either of them fun. The Polka Dot Blanket and Polka Dot Hooded Towel look cute and remain useful for generations. Grab this set in your favorite color and customize it with your wee one’s name.

Joyful Baby Gift set

Joyful Baby Gift set is a perfect treat containing lovely items for the soon-to-be little fellow. Buy and personalise this gift set and let your baby have their own essentials and Jellycat Toys to play with. Alongside, super comfy baby-throw makes a perfect loungewear outfit. For bath time, the amazing White Hooded Towel ensures the baby stays warm. And when it comes to napping, the Silky Cotton Blanket tucks the baby tightly for peaceful sleep. 


Newborn gift set are worth the hype. Just years after, when you stare at them, they will let you run down the memory lane of those golden days. Whenever, you are unsure about what to buy for the soon-to-be arriving one; we suggest you to give these newborn hampers a try, and thanks us later! Consider buying a personalised newborn hamper only from Lovingly Signed. From exceptional quality to perfect keepsakes to adorable packaging, the store is a one-stop-shop to cater all your needs.

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