It is impossible to pen down the myriad features offered by a Netgear WiFi router. However, one can take advantage of them after completing the login process. What happened? Are you unable to complete the login process for your WiFi router? Your Netgear router won’t accept password? Worry not! It can be happening because of the Caps Lock option enabled on your keyboard. Therefore, turn it off, re-enter the password, and see if you get success with the process.

In case nothing positive happens, then some other reason might be stopping your WiFi router from accepting the router’s password. Thus, consider walking through the tips mentioned in the write-up.

Solutions: Netgear Router Won’t Accept Password

1. Check the Password Value

There are times when the user hits the Log In button without verifying the entrée. Perhaps, you’ve also done the same. You must know that the password is case-sensitive. Therefore, you are supposed to keep your eyes open while logging in to the router. In addition, use the new password if you changed the default value while configuring your wireless router. However, for your convenience, we are mentioning the default value of the Netgear router password i.e. admin.

2. Clear the Browser’s Cache

The second reason due to which your Netgear router won’t accept the password is because you are using a cached web browser. Note that no matter whether you are using Safari or Edge, the browser used for the router login process must be free of cache. You can erase the browser’s cache by navigating to the settings section. The benefit of doing so will be that the browser will no more load the cached version of the login page of the browser.

FYI: Every web browser stores cookies and cache so that users can easily access a particular website. It is done to reduce the loading time of the website. However, it is not suggested to save cookies for a page that uses your personal details.

3. Restart the Router

If we consider the aforementioned reasons, then they are somehow related to the factors involved in the login process. But, we forgot the most important one i.e. your WiFi router itself. There are times when the router falls victim to technical glitches. There is a high possibility that the same thing has affected your router’s performance due to which it is not accepting the password entrée anymore. To get rid of glitches, restart the router right away. If possible, consider restarting the main modem too.

4. Check the Internet Connection

Sometimes, a temporary disconnection from the internet can also cause the issue that we are discussing here. Thus, paying heed to the factors related to the internet connection won’t do any bad. For this, have a look at the Ethernet cable connecting your WiFi router to the modem. It must be intact and linked to the correct ports of your networking devices. It would be better if you also check the strength of the cable connection. The connection should be nowhere near loose. You must get the cable replaced if it is found worn out.

The Ultimate Words

Although after making the aforementioned amends, your router will start accepting the password, still we would like to consider the minimum possibility where your every effort fails. In that case, opting for the ultimate hack of resetting the router and installing it again via the IP address will be a good alternative.

Thus, without letting a second thought manipulate you, locate the Reset hole on your WiFi router’s periphery and press it with the help of an oil pin or a paper clip. The button is supposed to be held in the same position for at least 20 seconds. As soon as you release it, your WiFi router will reset and you can proceed to reconfigure it using the preferred setup method.

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