Most famous traditional painting styles of India 

There is no doubt that Indian culture has a rich legacy. The art and paintings of India depict a rich culture and heritage. There are many fans of Indian-style paintings all over the world who are ready to pay millions of dollars for traditional-style paintings.

Most Indian painting styles started out as paintings on cloth, walls, or murals, but as cities grew, these art forms were moved to fabric, paper, pads, and leaves. 

Indian painting styles are not just a way to think about how people lived in the past; they are also great examples of how art can be expressed through simple but clear arrangements. Here are some of the most well-known styles of Indian folk art.

India’s most well-known painting styles

 Patachitra painting

 Patachitra is an old form of art from the state of Odisha. Most Patachitra paintings have religious or mythological themes and are done in a beautiful way with strong, bold lines, bright colors like white, red, yellow, and black, and decorative frames, buy paintings online India from Image Art Gallery.

People all over the world admire this piece of art, and Sharat Kumar Sahu is a Patachitra artist who won a National Award and spread this ancient art form around the world.

Kalighat Painting

Around the middle of the 1800s, the Kalighat picture was found at the Kali Temple in Calcutta. A group of people called “patuas” painted and drew these things on paper.

In a captivating way, a Kalighat picture shows scenes from everyday life and gods from mythology. Indian colors like indigo, ochre, Indian red, green, blue, and white are used by Kalighat artists. Anwar Chitrakar is a winner of India’s National Award for his Kalighat art.

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Phad art

Phad is a traditional Indian scroll painting from the state of Rajasthan. It shows stories about local gods, heroes from battles and adventures, and love legends on horizontal cloth scrolls with red, yellow, and bright orange colors. 

Phad Painting does a great job of showing more than one story in a single piece, and it does so while keeping the beauty of art. Shri. Shantilal Joshi is an artist who has won a national award for making these beautiful Phad drawings and other works of art.

Madhubani Painting

Madhubani paintings are the most famous type of Indian folk art. They are a type of wall art that comes from the Mithila area of the state of Bihar. 

This type of art always amazes people with its beautiful drawings on the walls of Bihar homes that are visible from the inside. Madhubani paintings are a great example of how art can be used to show culture and customs in a powerful way. 

The designs are very clear geometric patterns, scenes from mythology, and pictures that mean something. Madhubani stands out from other art styles because it has the right mix of bright, bold colors and unique patterns. 

There are five different types of Madhubani paintings. They are called Khobar, Katchni, Tantrik, Bharni, and Godna. Lalita Devi and Bua Devi are both artists from India who have won National Awards for their work in the Madhubani style.

Warli Painting

Warli is a traditional art style from Maharashtra that dates back 2,500 years and is mostly done in the Thane and Nashik areas. 

Warli drawings show how the tribe lives and what they do in nature. Warli paintings also show scenes from the everyday lives of the people in that area, such as dancing, farming, hunting, prayer, and so on. 

Local women used sticks and rice paste to make beautiful, lively designs on mud walls. These designs were meant to show how happy people were during harvests or weddings. Jivya Soma Mashe was given the Padma Shri award for her traditional Indian tribal art.

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Miniature Paintings 

 Miniature painting is an art form that was inspired by the Mughals. This style was brought to India in the 16th century, and it changed the way Indian art was seen. The Islamic, Persian, and Indian styles are all mixed together in miniature art. 

Mineral colors, valuable stones, conch shells, gold, and silver are used to make these paintings. In India, each school of miniature painting, such as Kangra, Rajasthan, Pahadi, Mughal, Deccan, and others, has created its own style. 

Gopal Prasad Sharma is a tiny artist from India who has won a national award for his work.

 Gond Painting

The Gondi group in central India made Gond paintings by putting together a bunch of dots and dashes. The groups used to tell traditional songs and rituals that were based on famous stories from mythology and history. 

The songs and rituals had a lot of detail and bright colors. In the past, the colors used in gond paintings came from things like cow dung, plant sap, charcoal, colored dirt, mud, flowers, leaves, and other natural things. 

Gond art is no longer just a style of art made by tribal people. Bhajju Shyam, an artist from Madhya Pradesh, has won a national award for this piece of art in the Gond style.

 Kerala Murals

Kerala fresco paintings are one of a kind and have deep spiritual roots. They show themes from Hindu mythology, epics from the past, classic stories about Krishna, and mystic forms of Shiva and Shakti. 

These traditional types of art are made up of big, bright brushstrokes and colors. Most murals in Kerala are painted with white, ochre-red, bluish-green, yellow-ochre, and pure colors. 

Achutan Ramchandran Nair was given the Padma Bhushan award for his outstanding contribution to the art world through his murals.

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