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The kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in your house and one of the areas where effective use of space matters. Compared to traditional homes, modern contemporary houses have multifunctional kitchens. If your kitchen still fails to carry the utilitarian look, it’s time you think about transforming this space.

To begin with, you need to assess the space available in the kitchen before you act and think about ways to make it more spacious. Depending on whether you are transforming a small or a spacious kitchen during home renovations Vancouver, you need to take the right steps. You cannot forget the must-haves when refurbishing the kitchen.

Although the expert you hire for Vancouver home renovations will do their part, they won’t know your kitchen better than you do. Here is the list of must-have aspects of kitchen renovation you cannot ignore.

7 must-haves you should not forget during a kitchen renovation

  1. Including more drawers
  2. No matter how much you try, the kitchen always falls short of storage space. To keep everything from pots and pans to containers out of sight, you need more drawers. Why don’t you have a roll-out drawer to store more of your kitchen supplies?  That way, you might also save a lot of space and organise things properly.

  3. Add a kitchen island
  4. You may have heard about it or may have noticed how effective it is in one of your friend’s homes, but missed it during custom home renovations. Apart from lending additional space, it also acts like a counter where you can prepare meals for which you do not need an oven. But you may not be aware of what the reason is for kitchen islands to become a trend in modern contemporary houses. Kitchen islands are immensely space-effective, incorporating everything from a dishwasher, and microwave, to a cooking range. Now that is what you can call smart planning.

  5. Open shelves
  6. While you may not be in favour of open shelves, they are among the dominating trends you will see appearing everywhere. Well, the bonus is that you can complete the renovation within your budget. With open shelves, the kitchen looks cleaner and larger and you can finally figure out things quickly as everything is in front of your eyes. If you are an organised person with plenty of time to rearrange your kitchen, open shelves may work wonders.

  7. Small kitchen idea
  8. You love a spacious and open kitchen but do not have adequate space to prepare a layout. Well, you will always have space for a semi-open kitchen. Most homeowners fail to explore alternative ideas during a kitchen renovation and miss the opportunities. They are must-haves for kitchens that lack space but are often forgotten. Discuss with construction companies in Vancouver how to effectively create more space from the unused dining area for inclusion in the kitchen.

  9. Creating space for the trash bin
  10. You may make your kitchen ultra luxurious but can you forget how to create more space for storing the trash bin? Chucking it off in one corner of an aesthetic kitchen is no fun. You can dedicate a cabinet or a drawer to store your stuff to make sure the unsightly object is actually out of sight.

  11. Sacrificing the storage
  12. The kitchen is the hub of storage and needs to contain everything that you need for cooking. So, make sure the layout is well-planned so that you need not compromise the storage option. Also, one important aspect is, you can make your kitchen more space-effective during home renovations in Vancouver. Apart from cookware and food items, you need a lot of space to store kitchen linen, small pots, cutlery, and various other miscellaneous objects.

  13. Change the flooring
  14. Kitchen renovation looks incomplete without changing the floor. So, changing the flooring is another of the must-haves you cannot ignore. But make sure you do not rush for any flooring option randomly. Find out which floors are more suitable for kitchen and can influence the look as well. It can be a daunting and stressful task but makes your kitchen renovation project more accomplished.

You will save a lot of your hard work during kitchen cleaning if you know how to make the kitchen look more functional. Roadhouse Homes are one of those renovation specialists in Vancouver whom you can trust. They are one of the major players in custom home building and renovation. Thanks to their expertise.

When renovating the kitchen, do not go on adding details to make it look more aesthetic. The renovation includes all those aspects that you need in the kitchen daily. So, make sure you don’t forget the must-haves and yet make the transformation adorable.

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