HP Printer User ID And Password

HP or Hewlett-Packard is a very famous company that has created unlimited devices which have helped people ever since the company was created. The company has aimed to meet the needs of small business owners with their products like printers, scanners and many others. 

Not just this, but normal people also choose to buy the printers created by the company for their personal use in their homes and there is one thing which is common to all HP devices. If you have used an HP device then, I am sure that you are familiar with the default passwords set by the company for each product that they create. People with an HP printer often find it very difficult to look for the hp printer default admin password which is why in the guide, we are going to explain everything about this password as well as where can users find this password to use the devices that they want to. 

What Are HP Default Passwords?

The default passwords created by the company serve as an important part of the first configuration of the product that they are using. These default passwords are simple passwords created by the company and it is recommended to users change the default password to a strong and unique password as many devices share the same default password. 

The passwords are used to prevent someone from changing anything in your device for example, if you intend to change the settings of your printer then, you need to enter the password of your printer as only after this, you will get access to change the settings of your device. 

Where Can You Find the Default Password of your HP Printer?

Now the major concerning issue regarding the matter is the presence of this password. There are a lot of people who do not know where they can find the default password of their HP printers to change it however, we have stated above that many devices share the same username and password which is why the “hit and try” method can be very useful. 

You can use the list of usernames and passwords provided by HP to see whether any of them is your default hp printer password

Admin Admin 
Administrator Administrator 
Admin 12345678
Administrator 12345678
Admin Admin123
Administrator Admin123

These are the simple passwords and usernames that are usually used as the default password for HP printers and a number of other HP devices; however, if you are not able to use any one of these for hp printer password then, you can use some other alternative method for the same. 

The other method that users can use to look for the Username and password of their HP printer is to check the sticker that is pasted on the backside of their printer. The sticker usually contains all the basic information about any HP device which also includes the username and password of the device which is why it is recommended to check the sticker as the first step when you are looking for the default password.

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