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If you’re planning on taking your next trip to St Thomas Island. Then you’ve come to the right place. But what’s the use of going to places with large crowds? It’s your vacation, and you should get the peace you deserve. Today, we have the right list of places for you to visit. You must visit These special hidden gems when you Tours St Thomas. So sit tight and relax. As we take you on a journey to the most peaceful and beautiful places on this island. Join us to make the most of your next vacation.

1.      Smith Bay Park

This park is perfect for those who love to spend time with nature. It spans over 21 acres of untouched greenery. This is the best place to take a stroll after your busy day of touring the island. It has some of the best views. Along with a lot of space for you and your family to enjoy. Sit on the nearest picnic table and enjoy your favorite meal. Or enjoy the beautiful views of the sea that this beachfront has to offer. Although, you’ll need to pay a $5 entry fee to enter this little piece of paradise.

2.      Cup N Kettle

You can find this picture-perfect restaurant on the eastern end of the island. It is the perfect spot for you to relax on your trip. Away from all the noise and crowds of the main cities. This tea shop provides you with a peaceful place to enjoy some of the best-tasting tea on this island. This tea shop is the perfect place for tea lovers. They even serve sidelines with their tea. Such as rum cakes, scones with lemon curd, and coconut tart turnovers. So if you want to enjoy homemade food along with the perfect tea blend. Then this is the right tea shop for you.

3.      Seaplane

If you’re looking for something more fun, the seaplane is the perfect option. You can travel on this seaplane to visit the neighboring islands of St Thomas. And surprisingly, they aren’t even that far apart. But that’s a secret that only you know. The one-way flight takes less than 20 minutes, making it the perfect option for a day tour. So if you’re thinking of boarding a plane from St Thomas to St Croix, don’t worry! It’s completely feasible, and you’ll be there before you know it.

4.      Ocean 362

Once you board that plane to a neighboring island like St John, what to do there? We have just the right thing for you to do. The Ocean 362 restaurant is the perfect taste of the Caribbean. The famous name on 30 Under 30, chef Shaun Brian Sells, owns this restaurant. And he brings that perfect ocean taste to your table.

5.      Restaurant

If you decide to visit the other US Virgin Islands, St Croix. Then we have the right places to visit too. This island boasts some of the best restaurants too! After all, your trip is all about having fun. And what’s better than to taste the flavors of this island? The Zion Modern Kitchen and Balter are some of the most famous restaurants here. So give them a visit to taste nature.

6.      Crucian Gold

If you decide to extend your stay at St Croix. Then don’t forget to visit the Crucian Gold. This is a gold shop that makes the best souvenirs in town. So if you’re looking for the right gift for your loved one. Then you can’t miss this jewelry shop. And if you’re an art lover. Then visit the Art Thursday that happens every third Thursday of the month.

7.      Honeymoon Beach

The name says it all. The honeymoon beach is the perfect getaway for all you lovebirds. This beach is famous for its blue waters and white sand. It comes along with untouched areas surrounding it. So if you want to explore the beauty of St Thomas fully. Then take your time exploring the Honeymoon Beach with your loved one. And if all that walking tires you. You can lay back in the soft white sand as you watch the sun set into the ocean.

8.      Scuba Diving

This island is perfect for scuba diving. So that’s good news for our adventure junkies. The water around it is clear and warm. Plus, it’s full of marine life, like sea turtles and fish. Moreover, the waves are also quite calm, making it ideal for swimmers. You can easily get your gear from any nearby shop. And some even provide lessons!

9.      Children’s Museum

Coming back to St Thomas. If you’re visiting this island with your family, you need a place that kids enjoy. Voila! We have just the right activity for you. So visit the Children’s Museum to find your child’s favorite activities. They host many STEAM-focused games. Thus, making it perfect for children under 10.

10. Historical Trust Museum

Lastly, we have a museum for the older kids too. The St Thomas Historical Trust has all the history of this island. It is small yet full of historical artifacts that tell you all about the island’s history. From furnishings and old photos to different pieces from history.

Time to Explore!

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