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Have you heard of intermittent fasting? Indeed, it has become a buzzword in the modern world that involves alternative cycles of dieting and eating. According to dieticians and other professionals, intermittent fasting has proven beneficial for many, resulting in weight loss, advanced metabolic health, protection from diseases, and a healthier lifestyle.

While intermittent fasting sounds quite beneficial, keeping track of the eating plans can be challenging. Fortunately, here’s when intermittent fasting apps come in!

While several IF apps exist in the market, opting for the best is significant for efficient results. Thus, this article will explore the best IF apps in the market for people interested in the idea. So, let’s get started!

Introduction to Intermittent Fasting 

While most diets emphasize ‘what to eat,’ IF focuses on ‘when to eat.’ In layman’s language, intermittent fasting is all about eating at the right time without eliminating the intake of calories. 

As believed by the experts, IF is an exceptional way to keep away the bad weight while moving ahead in the journey of a  lean body. 

Additionally, IF comes with a number of benefits for people. These benefits include: 

1. Introduces simplicity in life

2. Helps lead a healthier and a longer life

3. Reduces cancer risk

4. IF is not as challenging as dieting

Top-Notch Intermittent Fasting Apps 2023 

As mentioned earlier, there exist a number of IF applications in the market; however, not all of them are successful due to varied reasons. How about developing an app for your customers if you’re interested in the idea? If that’s a yes, getting in touch with an iPhone app development company should be your next move!

Listed below are some of the best IF apps 2023:

1. Window- Fasting Tracker

It is considered one of the best intermittent fasting tracker apps that allows customization per user’s requirements. The tracker is designed to keep an eye on eating windows and vitals. Not only this, but the platform controls the fasting and eating periods for Android and iOS app users. 

The app also displays data on the user’s weight-changing journey and adjusts their meals or eating time accordingly. 

2. Zero

An interesting fact is that the app was named after the amount of food that a person intakes during the fasting period. The platform claims to be the best of all in the market and helps in building practice. The four best features of this app include Timer, Explore, Statistics, and Journal. 

3. Fastic

The app has a user base of more than 17 million app users that seek support and motivation from the app. The platform helps build healthy eating habits and sets a diet chart as per one’s objectives to be achieved. Additionally, the app helps users stabilize their insulin levels and normalize blood sugar levels with the help of intermittent fasting. Some of the best features include Streak, Reminders, and Recipes. 

4. Fastient

This application enables users to monitor their progress prior to, during, and after fasting periods. It additionally keeps tabs on mood, weight, and other essential health indicators, all within the app. Fastient stands out as a meticulously designed application that also presents users with visually appealing graphical depictions of their weight trends. Within the app, users can establish fasting goals and seamlessly initiate fasting sessions. The app offers a space for users to record their emotions, reflections, and cravings throughout their fasting journey. Moreover, premium features, such as a dark mode, the ability to incorporate progress images, and the convenience of quick-tag emojis, enhance the overall user experience.

5. FastHabit Intermittent Fasting

This application fosters a sense of consistency among its users and houses a range of sophisticated features, including data exporting, calendar views, weight monitoring, and numerous other capabilities. Users have the flexibility to customize their fasting hours, and to maintain their motivation, the app showcases a percentage completion bar. Furthermore, users can effortlessly modify their fasting regimen on the fly, pausing, resuming, or adjusting it as needed. The app accommodates users’ preferences by allowing them to choose their preferred weight units, be it Lb, Kg, or stones, for logging their weights. The app enables users to monitor their progress and also facilitates the exporting of data for further analysis.

To Sum Up!

As mentioned earlier, IF has become important to so many people who aim at acquiring a lean or toned body type. Not only does IF help in acquiring body shape objectives, but it helps people live healthier life and eliminates the risk of chronic diseases.

While the approach has helped millions of people achieve their goals, many still need help finding the right help! How about developing an accurate app for them? If we are on the same page, connect with a reliable team of mobile app development company in USA, and begin innovating!

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