Small Houses Renovation

Renovating small houses is all about choosing a style of decoration and distribution of space that’s both practical and comfortable.

Following some basic tips will allow you to create a home with a much larger appearance and the most efficient use of space.

Ideas and tips for expanding a smaller house:

According to Barrie renovation experts, when it comes to remodeling small houses, creativity and imagination are key. You will be amazed at how a professional renovator can help you maximize the space and achieve comfort.

open concept

The first step in renovating a small home is to consider how you can achieve an open concept. It is best to remove all partitions to create a sense of spaciousness. This will allow natural light to enter every corner.

Some rooms, like the bathroom and bedroom, require privacy. However, the living room can easily share the space with the kitchen.

You will be amazed at how much larger your home appears with minimal effort.

Sliding doors

In all rooms, if it is impossible to remove partitions due to any reason, you should bet on a sliding door.

These doors are great because they don’t take up much space when open, and you won’t feel like you have to cross the threshold every time.


Decorating small houses is a challenge if you don’t know how to make the most of your space. Filling every corner with unnecessary objects will only make it more difficult to move from one area to another.

Make sure your decorative items serve other purposes, such as creating transit zones or delimiting different environments without adding walls.

Use of glass

Glass is the best material to use for your small house. Natural light will make it appear more spacious and cozy.

The use of glass in furniture, doors, and windows can make a house look more spacious. This simple gesture will give you the impression of being in an even larger room than it is.

Light colors

When choosing light colors for walls and furniture, the effect is similar to that of glass. Light colors reflect the light and visually expand the space.

White is the best choice, but if you can’t, go for raw, natural colors, like wood. If you combine the color of your construction with the furniture you have created a space where you can spend hours.

Functional furniture

How do you decorate a small home? Simply, select a few functional pieces of furniture which do not occupy too much space.

There are a lot of furniture pieces that are practical for small homes. Modules that can be hidden, moved, or expanded… can be used in many different ways.


No one said that the usable space in a home is limited to the floor. Walls are full of potential and can be used to place decorative items or build a loft for a bed. Let your imagination run wild and follow the appropriate advice.

Can I knock down walls to increase the space in my small home?

As long as the project is signed by an accredited professional. By tearing down walls, we can expand our living space, such as if you want to combine the kitchen and the living room.

The architect will need to evaluate your house and create a project that is adapted to the changes you wish to make.

After the municipal authorities have analyzed the project, the comprehensive renovation is approved. Contact TROC, The Renovators of Canada provides kitchen renovation, basement renovation, and bathroom renovations in Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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