UV Weathering Testing Equipment

The UV Weathering Tester instrument is used for accurate analysis of the effect of the weathering factors on a material or product. This highly effective instrument is very easy to use and it gives exact results to the users. The degradation of the polymer can affect the product and accurate testing is very crucial to maintain long life and better performance of the product. Factors including moisture, sunlight, temperature, etc. affect the quality of the product and can cause fading, cracking, flaking, etc.

This quality testing instrument is provided with a uniformly rotating sample rack for uniform reception of irradiance to the samples. By exposing materials to controlled UV radiation, researchers can simulate the effects of long-term exposure in a much shorter period, allowing them to quickly identify weaknesses or failure points in materials, and make improvements or modifications to their design or formulation as needed.

Raw materials used by various industries experience the degradation of quality due to the natural environmental conditions and elements like Ultraviolet, moistures, sunlight, etc. This affect greatly to the durability and performance of the polymers. Polymers are used in different industries to design products. It is important for polymer testing manufacturers to test the effects of polymers against different environmental conditions and to make sure that they would be able to survive through the rough environmental conditions and factors.

The UV Weather Testing equipment offered by Testronix is one of the best testing instruments which provides stable and accurate testing results for the effects of weathering on a product.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply: 220±22V/50±0.5Hz
  • Temperature Range: From RT+5 C to 80 ºC
  • Test Time Limit: 1h to 99999h
  • Spray Time Limit: 1min – 99999min
  • Life of Lamps: 1600h
  • Maximum Irradiance of the new lamp: UVA Lamps can reach 0.7 W/m, UVB Lamps can arrive at 0.4W/m
  • Distance of Specimen from the lamp: 50mm
  • Speed of Rotating Frame: 3.7 rotations per minute
  • Flow Rate of water pump: ≤ 7L/min
  • The order can be placed on the basis of lamps:
  • UVB lamps (20W/313nm)
  • UVA lamps (20W/340nm)

Industry Standards

 It has been made in accordance with industry standards that include

  • ISO – 4892-3:2013,
  •  ASTM D 4329-13,
  •  ASTM D 4587-11,
  •  ASTM G-151-10.

 This will ensure accuracy in test results.

Features of UV Weathering Tester

  • Its latest touchscreen features help to operate the instrument easily.
  • The instrument enhances the repeatability and comparability of the test outcomes by ensuring that every specimen will get the same amount of irradiance energy.
  • The tester helps to compare the actual specimen and the tested product easily.
  • This machine finds out the damage in a very short span of time that formed on the specimen.
  • The instrument offers highly convenient and friendly windows to view the test results.
  • The instrument offers highly reliable and accurate test results.
  • Fluorescent UV lamps as a testing light source
  • Irradiance is controlled automatically (within the closed-loop system)
  • Alarm and protection feature: The machine is designed with latest Alarm and protection features by which you can easily find out the Creep-age, water breaking, overloading, over temperature of the product.
  • It offers real time data collection to its users.

This effective testing instrument is very helpful for textiles, paints, rubber and plastic industries. UV weathering testing instrument is easy to operate and also provides an economical way of testing the materials and products.

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