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Landscapers and homeowners widely use Bermuda grass sod because it grows quickly and produces a thick, lush lawn. It requires little care and looks great no matter the weather, making it a preferred choice for individuals who live in warmer areas. Several elements may affect the Bermuda grass sod cost and your level of happiness with it, all of which should be considered when you buy Bermuda grass sod from Atlanta Sod Farms. To assist you in making a well-informed choice, this article will examine the main elements that affect the price of Bermuda grass sod.

Factors You Need To Know About Bermuda Grass sod Cost

Let’s dig into the details and know what factors affect the Bermuda grass sod cost of the grass and how it can affect or help you.

Grade of Grass-Roots Soil Governs Cost Of Bermuda Grass Sod

The quality of the sod is the primary determinant of price when dealing with Bermuda sod grass. The kind of Bermuda grass used, the methods of cultivation, and the length of time the sod has been stored all contribute to its overall quality. Premium Bermuda grass sod is more expensive since it is often disease-free, has extensive root systems, and was recently harvested. High-quality sod may be more expensive up front, but it might save you money by lowering the frequency with which you need to replace it or perform major maintenance.

Varietal of Bermuda Grass

The price of a Bermuda grass lawn may vary widely depending on the specific variety chosen. If you’re on a small budget yet want a nice lawn, go with common Bermuda grass. Hybrids or enhanced cultivars, such as Tifway 419 or Celebration, provide greater qualities, including better color, texture, and disease resistance, but come at a higher price.

The Lawn’s Size

The price of sod for your new Bermuda lawn will depend largely on its size. The more square footage of grass you need to cover, the more sod you will need to buy. You should take precise measurements of your lawn and add up the square footage before making any purchases. Do this to obtain a good estimate and not waste money on extra sod.

Transport Fees

Don’t forget to include delivery fees when estimating your Bermuda grass sod budget. Since sod is heavy and thick, it is important to factor in transportation expenses. While some vendors may include shipping costs in their quoted price, others may charge you extra, depending on how far you are from their warehouse. A local provider may be your best bet if you want to save money on sod.

Preparing the Site

Successful establishment of Bermuda grass sod requires careful site preparation before sod installation. Debris, weeds, and dead grass must be removed, and the ground must be graded for adequate drainage. Site preparation by specialists will add to your total costs, so account for that.

Work Involved in Setup

Some homeowners opt to lay down their own Bermuda grass sod, while others hire a professional for a more streamlined process. Installation of new sod may be time-consuming and expensive, depending on factors including local labor rates and the project’s degree of difficulty. Getting estimates from many reliable firms is smart, so you may shop around for the most affordable option without sacrificing quality.

Maintenance and Irrigation

Regularly watering and maintaining your Bermuda grass sod is essential to developing a strong root system and a beautiful lawn. Long-term investment should include the price of maintaining the grass with water, fertilizer, and mowing. Furthermore, water limitations may be imposed in certain locations, raising water prices and threatening Bermuda grass’s sustainability in some places.


Adding Bermuda grass sod may completely change the look and functionality of your yard. But weighing all the Bermuda grass sod costs before purchasing is important. The price and longevity of your new lawn will depend on several factors, including the quality and kind of sod you choose, as well as site preparation and upkeep. You can build a beautiful Bermuda grass lawn that adds value to your home and gives you years of pleasure if you consider these considerations and stick to your budget.

Q1. When I first lay down sod for Bermuda grass, how frequently should I water it?

A1. Newly laid Bermuda grass sod must be watered daily for the first two weeks to help it develop roots. Then, water once every two to three days to promote deep-root development and drought resistance.

Q2. Can I lay sod with Bermuda grass in the winter?

A2. Due to its winter dormancy, Bermuda grass is not a good choice for sod. Sod should be laid for Bermuda grass during the warm growth season, from late spring to early autumn, when the grass is most robust.

Q3. How can I stop weeds from growing through my Bermuda grass sod?

A3. Preventing weed development requires using a pre-emergent pesticide in the early spring and late summer. In addition, keeping up with standard lawn care procedures like mowing and fertilizing can help promote a thick and healthy Bermuda grass lawn, less likely to attract unwanted weeds.

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