Organizing events and meetings on the premise was the major trend up to three decades earlier. However, there has been a great revolution in every field of society during the past few decades. Due to this, banquet halls have become a popular choice for business events and meetings.

Stepping out of the office premises for meetings and conferences is often deemed more productive. It helps change the atmosphere. However, ensuring a supportive setup style for the banquet hall is more than necessary to make the event successful. You can pick and choose from the available options according to your event.

Give an in-depth read to this article to get your hands on banquet hall setup styles you can pick and choose from and opt for the one suitable for your event.

Top 5 Types of Banquet Halls Setup Styles to Explore For Events

Banquet halls are usually the go-to choice of organizations for meetings, conferences, or dinner events. The layout of such facilities is remarkable and offers the ease of specific setup styles, which offer autonomy to the organizers. You can learn about the common styles, explore the one suitable for your event and pick the best banquet hall for a smooth event setup.

Here are the most notable types of banquet hall setup styles you can explore for your next event and implement effectively.

1. Theatre Style

The theatre style is the basic setup style used in most banquet halls. The seating is arranged in the style of theaters to offer great exposure to all the attendees. Seats are set in horizontal rows with the stage or podium in front of them. Such a setup style is ideal for meetings, interview sessions, or presentations. Setting up the seats is not enough, and you must pay attention to other facility details. Only then you can ensure smooth and successful event execution. Authorities explore the best banquet halls in Dubai and pick the most compelling facility for a successful event.

2. Boardroom Style

Boardroom style is the next banquet hall setup style you can explore and implement for your next event. The seating is arranged in a rectangular style in such a setup. The horizontal row has less number of seats than the vertical rows. All the tables are joined at the corners, and it is up to you to keep the central space empty or filled. It can be used for decoration purposes. However, nothing should be high enough to block the vision of the attendees. Such a style is ideal for internal board meetings or stockholder meetings. You must pay equal attention to the quality of the banquet hall and pick the one with the best facilities.

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3. Herringbone Style

The herringbone style is another common setup style used in banquet halls. A table for heads is placed at the central point of the hall. On both sides of it, rows of guest seats are placed with three seats on each side. The tables are turned slightly towards the head table. Such a setup is used in dinner meetings and events. It accommodates more guests at the same table to offer smooth communication. Moreover, the seats are turned towards the head to ensure everyone can maintain their attention at the central point. It also helps the attendees to share their contributions smoothly without being shadowed by anyone. You can check the suitability of the style for your event and proceed with it.

4. Hollow Square Style

Hollow Square is another typically used setup style you can pick and choose for banquet hall events. Seats are arranged in the form of a square where tables are joined on all four corners. It is up to you to keep the area in the center completely hollow or place smaller tables to set up flower decorations. Such a seating arrangement is ideal for discussion panels as it offers clear visibility for all the attendees. The square can be made large or small according to the number of guests. You must install microphones and speakers in the hall to ensure smooth communication for a large group.

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5. T-Shape Style

The T-shape style is the last setup style used in banquet halls. As the name suggests, seats are arranged as the alphabet T. There is a horizontal row of almost ten to eight seats, and two adjacent and parallel vertical rows in an equal number stem from the middle of the horizontal one. Such a seating style is used in conference meetings and events with fewer than fifty guests. You can also go for it if it suits your event. Before that, you must explore the best banquet halls in Dubai and choose a facility with perfect supplies and space management to boost event success.

Unsure which setup style is ideal for your event?

The question can cause great anxiety, nervousness, and indecisiveness as everyone wants to choose the best style. Explore and book the best banquet hall to consult the professionals for a suitable style and maximize the success of your event or meeting.

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