These game worlds would be great places to live in real life.

We often play video games to get away from the real world for a while and live in another one. Whether you want to fly around New York as Spider-Man or feel the need for speed and want to drive an F1 car, video games give us a chance to live in a different world.

If you could live in the worlds of games, which ones would you choose? Some people may want to get away from the stress of city life by going off the grid. Others will be drawn to places with fast cars and no rules. Some people may just want to be in The Sims so they can have a cat, since their apartment doesn’t let them have pets in real life! If you want to get away, here are some game worlds that we would like to live in.

Grand Theft Auto Online (Passive Mode)

Returning to GTA 5 Online‘s Los Santos is like going back to your old city. Driving your drop-top Caronizzare to Del Perro Pier, shopping at Ponsonby’s, or getting a new tattoo at Blazing Tattoo makes you feel like you’re back in your old neighborhood.

But, unlike (hopefully) your city, Los Santos is a playground for getting into trouble, and if you want to break the law, it’s pretty easy to avoid the police. But really, chill out. Come with a friend. Try playing tennis. Just know that if you’re not in passive mode, there’s no telling how long you’ll stay safe once you get there if you’re not already in passive mode.


Even if you don’t like basketball, NBA 2K Online‘s “The City” feels like a big college campus. On your way to the gym to work out, you’ll see people on skateboards, basketball courts, and some great shops. If nothing else, shoe fans will love the shopping.

If you get tired of looking at all the different Jordan colorways, you can always join a pickup game and see how good you are on the court.

Destiny 2

Large hills, beautiful views, Scorn. The City of Dreams has everything. Even though Season of the Deep’s underwater places are great, they can’t match to one of the most famous places in the Destiny series.

The Dreaming City is home to the Blind Well raid and the Last Wish raid. It also has the coolest planetary resource, Baryon Boughs, and is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Destiny, even though you’re likely to run into a Screeb that will stop you and your clan from looking at the skyline.

Riders Republic

Riders Republic‘s game world could be a good place to live for people who want to have adventures all the time. Putting places like Mammoth Mountain, Grand Teton, and Yosemite that are great for risky sports in the real world on one map is a thrill-seeker’s dream come true. Anyone who has ever ridden a BMX, skateboarded, or gone skiing with too much speed and not enough safety steps knows how painful this can be.

But in Riders Republic, you can redo any crash that would send you to the Hall of Meat and instead rewind as many times as you want to land their trick. A tool that people like Tony Hawk and Matt Hoffman are likely to tell you would make your world better.

The Sims 4

It would be unfair to leave out The Sims when talking about game worlds we would like to live in. The Sims 4 has more and more worlds, so everyone should be able to find something they like.

If you focus on Del Sol Valley, it is a smaller place than others, but the benefits are hard to pass up. As one of only two places that never gets snow, Del Sol Valley has a small-town feel and great weather.

No matter where you choose to live in The Sims 4’s game world, you can truly make money grow on trees, which is something we all wish we could do.

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal‘s Oros Valley is a great place to settle down if you like to try to stay alive. If you’ve ever thought what it was like for our ancestors to live in harsh conditions with few resources and not be at the top of the food chain, Oros Valley is the place to go.

Even if you don’t have much to start with, the land will give you what you need if you’re a good hunter. Backrooms game has a lot of promise if you can stay out of fights with other tribes and build a good place to stay dry and warm when it rains or snows.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima takes place in feudal Japan, which is a beautiful setting. It has beautiful rivers, green fields that go on forever, and a small-town feel that we don’t always get in our real lives. Jin Sakai is a memorable main character, but instead, try to picture yourself riding your horse quickly through fields of meadows and ending up at a secret hot spring with a view of a sunset like the one above. You’d also be a ninja.

One of the most open-world games where it’s easy to get lost, there’s never a time when you want to see more. If you get bored, you can go look for foxes and pet them.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Many of us like to pretend we live in the Wild West, where we plan to rob a train or a bank and then ride off into the night on our trusty horse. So you can live out this dream, Rockstar Games has made one of the most realistic Western settings ever.

You can live like a real frontiersman in the desert plains of New Austin, or if you want a faster pace, you can go to Lemoyne, which has all the comforts you would expect in a busy city from the turn of the century, even if it is the 20th century. Keep your hand close to your holster, though, because no matter where you go in Red Dead Redemption 2, danger is always nearby. This includes robbers, lawmen, wild animals, and even angry ex-lovers.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Even though we thought about putting Animal Crossing here, it was more fun to think about a world where dinosaurs lived. Type Jurassic World Evolution 2 instead. We all know that this could be dangerous, but Chris Pratt has shown that most dinosaurs can be stopped in their tracks with a simple hand move, making them almost harmless.

What a wonderful world it would be to live in, even if there was always the threat of chaos from a possible breakout. We can only hope that we don’t run into a dilophosaurus in the parking lot.

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