This old-school dungeon game can get hard very quickly. Check out our tips for the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection!

The Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is a great way to start the series. In each game, the main game loop is to explore a maze and then go back to a town to get supplies and rest. With this base, you can start with whichever game you want.

As soon as your group is ready, you go into the maze. Each game’s maze is full of traps and strong monsters that can wipe out your party in just a few turns. Here are some tips for people who are scared by the labyrinths’ floors that seem to go on forever.

Experiment With Your Classes

At the beginning of any Etrian Odyssey game, you can choose from a lot of different classes. To make things even more confusing, each class has its own skill tree with powers. You can level up these skills and different stats in the skill tree to make their benefits stronger. You should take some time to try out the skills you think sound the most interesting.

When you gain a level, you get skill points that you can use to buy skills. It’s okay if you end up investing in a skill or stat that doesn’t help your party. At the Explorers Guild, you can restart the skill points of a party member by choosing “Rest.”

If you let a member of your party rest, that person will lose five levels.

Update Your Map

In the Etrian Odyssey games, you have to make your own map of the labyrinth as you explore it. To stay on track, you should keep your map up-to-date. Mark everything, even if it doesn’t seem important or important at all. For example, you might find a spring that the main character notices, but nothing happens. Then, you might find out later that you need to go back to that spring and get some of its water for a quest.

You can also mark FOE sites on your map. Some FOEs walk in a certain way, and if you know their path, you can avoid them. If their location and path are marked on a map, they will be able to get through the labyrinth more safely.

When you press the “Start” button, you will see more ways to mark your map. There are icons for prize chests and doors that are locked.

Always Buy Ariadne Threads

Before you leave town, you should always buy a few Ariadne Threads. With these things, you can leave the labyrinth right away. You won’t be able to get these items until you finish your first task. In all three games, you have to make a plan of the first floor to do this.

When you finish this mission and report it as done, the person who gave you the task will give you an item. Go to the shop and tell the owner that you’ve done well. The shop will sell Ariadne Threads after this. In Etrian Odyssey 1 and 2, these threads are the only way to get out of the maze.

In Etrian Odyssey 2, stay away from the squirrels. Your Ariadne Threads will be taken.

Hunt Monsters For Resources

When you kill an enemy, it will drop things that you can sell for a lot of ental. When the seller sells these things, it helps him or her make more things. This is how you get better guns, armor, and other items. The item’s description will tell you what materials you’ll need to finish making it. But to make better things, you need rare materials that either drop rarely or come from rare monsters.

You can fill out the Monstrous Codex by telling the building where you get orders about what you find. The Codex tells you the name of the monster, what skills it has, what weaknesses it has, and what things it drops. Use this to figure out which monsters you need to hunt to get the things you want. Some monsters only come out at certain times of the day, so you’ll have to keep going back to the basement all day to see them all.

If you’re looking for monsters that only come out at night, use the Inn’s nap feature to skip the day.

Use Buffing Skills

In JRPGs, buffs are often not used because they give only a small boost or cost a lot of MP. In Etrian Odyssey, buffs make it possible for your group to fight enemies that would usually kill everyone in the group in one hit. In fights with FOEs, your party needs the Protector’s defense skills to stay living. Raising the level of the Front Guard and Rear Guard skills will make the safety they provide even better.

Your party can also stay strong with the help of the Troubadour and Sovereign classes. When Troubadours use their Shelter skill, their defense goes up. This makes them great partners for Protectors. Both the Troubadour and the Sovereign have skills that can add elemental attacks to the attacks of other party members. This lets them target the enemy’s flaws.

Invest In Exploration Skills

In labyrinths, there are places where you can pick up things. Depending on what you are gathering, you will need the Chop, Mine, or Take skill. Gathering helps you get things that can be used to make better weapons and armor.

Gathering supplies is easy with the Survivalist and Farmer classes. Survivalists can learn the skills of Chop, Mine, and Take, and the skill of Farmer’s Harvestry blends all three of these skills into one. Bringing a group of Survivalists or Farmers into the maze is a great way to quickly collect a lot of resources.

Don’t Try To Upgrade Every Skill

Every time you gain a level, you get a skill point that you can use to learn or improve a skill. This means that you would have to grind a lot to level up and get all of the skills. Don’t try to get every skill. Instead, focus on the ones that will help you play Spacebar Clicker the best.

For example, if you want to use a Protector or Hoplite to improve your defense, you won’t need to focus on skills that offer strikes. Don’t forget that the skill tree lets you level up stats like Attack and Defense. This is very important if you want to make powerful characters that can beat enemies without having to use skills the whole time.

Take Down FOEs

FOEs should be avoided the first time you see them, but it’s a good idea to fight them after you’ve gained a lot of levels. FOEs often drop useful materials that can be used to make armor and other gear that is strong.

When fighting an enemy player character, you should use your best skills right away. If someone in your party can throw debuffs or status ailments, use them. The best way to beat a FOE is to use everything you have against it. If you still aren’t strong enough to beat a FOE, you can always run away.

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