We don’t want to spend any more time with it in Amnesia: The Bunker than we have to.

The fourth series of Amnesia is out now, and it puts players in a scary world where scary monsters are hiding around every corner. As a player, your ability to stay alive depends on how well you can avoid barriers and outsmart the creatures that live in the Bunker’s dark world.

Amnesia: The Bunker is a scary game, and the only way to get through it is to be smart, sneaky, and plan ahead. No place in the shelter is safe. The beast that lives in the bunker will never leave you alone and will always try to scare you. So, make sure you use the right plans to get out of the scary place without losing your life and the fears that make your heart race.

Noise Isn’t As Bad As You Think

The beast is sensitive to noise and will appear in places where there is too much noise. You already know that noise draws the monster, but you also know that the type and amount of noise affects how much the monster is drawn to it. Different things happen in the game when different sounds are made.

Most of the small things you do, like moving things, turning on your flashlight, and locking doors, will make less noise than the big things you do. The beast is less likely to show up because of these noises. But loud sounds, like frag grenade blasts and gunshots, will bring the monster out right away. More average noises, like throwing a big stone at a door to break it, might or might not draw the creature, so be careful and watchful if you try that. Always stay out of sight and don’t make too much noise unless you have to.

Keep Track Of Hiding Places

As you look around the building, keep an eye out for good places to hide. When the monster is close, you need them to save your life. Always remember where tables, closets, and other things are that could hide your presence.

If you can feel the beast around you, don’t try to run away from it. After all, running fast makes noise. Instead, try to find a place to hide and wait for the danger to pass. The animal will look around the area for a long time. But if you stay quiet and wait, he will leave on his own.

Lure Beast Away From You

Sometimes, you can get away from the monster by playing some tricks. If you want to go to a certain area in the Bunker but are afraid of releasing the beast, make noises and do other things to draw him away from that area. If he’s in your way, throw bottles or flares in the opposite direction. Make noise in one path so you can move quickly through the other.

You can also try to get him to go somewhere else. To do this, go far away from where you want to go and start making noise to get the beast’s attention. Throw big things, turn on your flashlight, drop a flare, or throw a bomb. Once the beast is following the sound, sneak back to where you wanted to go in the first place. Even though it’s not a sure thing, it will keep the beast busy elsewhere for a while, unless you make a lot of noise.

Do Not Panic If You See The Beast

If you see the beast, that doesn’t mean you have to start shooting at it right away and waste your bullets. It is possible that the monster hasn’t seen you yet.

Once the beast sees you, it will always roar. Use that time to see if you’re being watched, and use the screaming animation to get away.

Most of the time, when the monster shows up in response to a noise, it starts to look for the source of the noise. If you can stay hidden and the monster doesn’t find you, you should be safe. The best thing to do is to crouch down and stay out of the beast’s line of sight.

Be Alert About Monster Presence

As the story goes on, you always have to be on the lookout for the beast so you can take the right steps right away. Lucky for us, there are signs that show us where it is. You can hear the monster’s steps and growls when he is close. Near the beast, the lights will flash and be out of place. Use this to figure out roughly where it is.

If the beast gets very close to you, it makes a loud roar and makes it hard to see. Then you have to decide whether to fight or run away, because the monster will start to attack you. Also, if you see dust coming out of a hole, you should leave that room as soon as possible because the monster is about to crawl out of it.

Entice The Beast Into A Trap

In Amnesia: The Bunker, there are a lot of traps on the ground that go off when you step on them. You can use wire cutters to turn off the danger traps and get them out of the way, but you can also use them to slow down the beast.

If the beast is close, you can get away from it by luring it Funny Shooter. When you get close to the trap, you can jump over it while the monster sets it off. Most likely, the beast will get scared and go into one of its holes, giving you a chance to get away.

Cover The Holes And Stay Behind Metal Doors

You can block the monster’s holes with things around you, like boxes, chairs, and other furniture. By blocking the path, you slow down the monster and buy yourself a few more seconds to get out of the situation.

Also, don’t forget that the Administration Room is always your safest place where the beast can’t follow you. The doors to the safe room are made of steel, so the monster won’t be able to get in. Just make sure to close and lock the doors every time you go into a room. There are other metal doors all over the bunker, but they need to be locked to work.

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