pilonidal cyst surgery video

As we know, the Pilonidal Cyst is a small pocket-like structure that grows near the cheeks of your buttocks. It is not a rare thing, but it is easily treatable by either removing it surgically or trying to reduce the pain or discomfort with some medications. However, if it is filled with abscess and blood, then it is good if you remove it because the cyst is filled with infectious bacteria, causing you a lot of pain, and sometimes the pus starts to ooze out if left untreated for long. So, without wasting much time, you have to find a good colorectal surgeon who can perform the surgery and help you get rid of it. However, before the procedure, you need to discuss a few important things with your surgeon, and they are:

List of points to discuss:

Information about Medicines:

Before the surgery, you must visit your surgeon to let him know about all the medicines, supplements, and multivitamins that you are taking at present. Your doctor must know about all these things because sometimes there are other health issues that can contradict the present treatment procedure. So, do share this information with the doctor and check out the pilonidal cyst surgery video to get an idea of how things are processed.  

Any indications of pregnancy:

If you have started your treatment for the pilonidal cyst and you want to know if it is safe to continue it during pregnancy, then you must ask your surgeon before proceeding further. Sometimes, you are not allowed to take certain medications during pregnancy, especially if there are any complications with your case. So, discussing this point with your doctor is important.


If you take alcohol in moderate quantities, and that too occasionally, then it may not be a point of concern, but if you are an alcoholic, then you have to tell your surgeon about it. It may cause you trouble in the future.


If you are not a chain smoker and smoke one or two cigarettes a day, you have to stop approximately two weeks before your surgery. On the other hand, if you are a chain smoker and take weed or any other substance, it’s better to let your surgeon know about all this. He will surely advise you to control it before going through a surgical procedure.

Blood Thinners:

If you are already taking any blood thinner medicines like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Warfarin, Naproxen, and several others, you need to stop them temporarily until the surgery is over. Your surgeon will also advise you of the same.

Allergic Reactions:  

Some people are prone to allergies, and they need to discuss it with their doctor so that before the surgery he can check out the issues and not include any medicines that the patient is allergic to.


Thus, pen down all these essential points and then book an appointment with the top surgeon in your city who is experienced with removing the pilonidal cyst. This will keep you on the safer side and remove the chance of any hurdles during pre- and post-surgery.

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