In Genshin Impact, these are the best swords that Bennett can use.

Bennett is a well-liked player in Genshin Impact. He grew up in the Adventurer’s Guild and uses fire magic. Bennett is a Leap Year baby, which makes him very special. Sometimes, he goes on his own with a group of friends he made called Benny’s Adventure Team. His favorite weapon is the sword, which he uses with great skill.

He is a four-star character who often shows up as a chance for a higher drop rate. You can get him by making a deal with Paimon or by using a Wish. If you get him through one of these deals, he will give your team more power and skills. Use these weapons with him for the best effects.

The Skyrider Sword – Three Star

Bennett doesn’t work well with most three-star weapons because he needs weapons and items that boost his Attack and Energy Recharge the most. However, the Skyrider Sword is one of the few that can get the job done in a pinch. You can get it through Wishes or by talking to Pan Guan’er in Liyue at Jueyun Karst. This makes it an easy choice when you’re having trouble finding a sword for him.

Depending on Bennett’s level, it can boost his Base Attack by between 38 and 354, and it can boost his Energy Recharge by up to 51.7 percent. When he uses his Elemental Burst, his Attack will also go up by 12% for 15 seconds.

The Harbinger Of Dawn – Three Star

The only important sword for Bennett is the Harbinger of Dawn, which has three stars. You can get this weapon by completing Kaeya’s Gain Quest or by using a Wish. It increases Bennett’s Base Attack by 39–401, based on his level (1–90), and its secondary stat is a 10.4–46.9% increase in critical damage.

Bennett’s Normal Attack is strong, and his substat is Energy Recharge, so this weapon that increases his attack and critical damage is the best choice. When Bennett’s HP is above 90%, the chance of a critical hit goes up by another 14%.

The Iron Sting – Four Star

You don’t have to rely on luck to get a weapon that you can make, so the Iron Sting deserves to be considered for Bennett even though its substat is focused on Elemental Mastery instead of Attack or Energy Recharge. Still, depending on his level, it does improve his Base Attack by between 42 and 510, and any boost to his Attack stats is helpful.

The Iron Sting also gives Bennett a 6% boost to all the damage he does for six seconds after dealing elemental damage. This boost can be stacked up to two times, so it has real benefits beyond just being easy to use. This could be a great tool, especially if you’re still trying to level up Bennett for your main team.

The Sapwood Blade – Four Star

The Sapwood Blade is another weapon that can be forged. Depending on Bennett’s level, it boosts his Base Attack by 44 to 565, and its secondary stat, Energy Recharge, gives him an extra 6 to 30.6% boost there as well. With this sword, you can use a few different Elemental Reactions to turn on a Leaf of Consciousness. One of these is Burning, which Bennett can do as a Pyro.

When Bennett picks up this Leaf of Consciousness, it will circle him for 10 seconds and give him an extra 60 Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds. This can’t be stacked, but he can use it even when he’s not on the field.

The Kagotsurube Isshin – Four Star

The Kagotsurube Isshin is a bit harder to get than most of the other swords because you can only get it by finishing the Ere the End, a Glance Back quest. Once you do, though, it’s a good contender for Bennett because the Base Attack boost ranges from 42 to 510, and the secondary stat is Attack, which gets another 9 to 41.3 percent boost. Since Bennett needs Attack more than anything else, giving him this sword can help him a lot in fight.

When Bennett uses a Normal, Charged, or even Plunging Attack on a target, the Kagotsurube Isshin will deal 180 percent of his Attack damage as AoE damage. This also boosts his general Attack by 15% for up to eight seconds so that Bennett can have the most effect possible.

The Sacrificial Sword – Four Star

Wishes are the only way to get the Sacrificial Sword, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to get. Even though this sword’s substat is Energy Recharge, which Bennett doesn’t really need, his Base Attack gets a bonus of 41-454 based on his level. This is added to his other numbers.

When you hit an enemy with his Elemental Skill, you have a 40% chance of ending the Sacrificial Sword’s cooldown. You can do this once every 30 seconds that Bennett is on the battlefield.

The Flute – Four Star

The Flute is a four-star sword you can get through Wishes. It increases your Base Attack by 42 to 510, and its secondary stat, Attack, gives you an extra 9 to 41.3 percent boost, depending on Bennett’s level.

Bennett will get a Harmonic if his Normal Attacks or Charged Attacks hit at the same time. After getting five Harmonics, you’ll be able to use the Power of Music, which will damage all nearby enemies by 100% of their Attack. This effect can be used once every 0.5 seconds, and it lasts for 30 seconds.

The Lion’s Roar – Four Star

After getting this through a Wish, you should give it to Bennett to raise his Base Attack by 42–510. Also, like the Flute sword, it increases his Attack by 9–41.3%, based on his level.

But, unlike the Flute, the Lion’s Roar gives Bennett an extra 20% damage against any opponent who has been hit by a Pyro or Electro attack. Since Bennett is a Pyro character, this sword will help him a lot and give him benefits faster than many of the others.

The Alley Flash – Four Star

This four-star sword is part of the Weapons Event Wish Banner. It has a substat that focuses on Elemental Mastery, but based on Bennett’s level, the boost is only from 12 to 55. The Base Attack will get a better boost of between 45 and 620, with a level 1 Bennett giving the least boost and a level 90 Bennett giving the most boost.

Bennett’s damage will also go up by 12% when you use the Alley Flash, but if you take damage, this perk will be turned off for five seconds. Still, if Bennett is strong enough, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

The Festering Desire – Four Star

The Festering Desire is harder to get because you can only get it during the Chalk Prince and the Dragon Event. If you got lucky and got it, it would be smart to put it on Bennett. It has a substat called “Energy Recharge,” which Bennett doesn’t need, and it increases Bennett’s Base Attack by anywhere from 42 to 510, based on the trained level.

Even better, the Festering Desire will make Bennett even stronger by giving him a 16 percent bonus to his Elemental Skill and increasing the chance that his Elemental Skill will hit by 6 percent.

The Prototype Rancour – Four Star

The Prototype Rancour might be the easiest four-star sword to get. You can get this from the blacksmith’s shop or get it as a gift when you reach Adventure Rank 10. As Bennett’s level goes up, your Base Attack will go from 445 to 565, and the substat Physical Damage will get a boost of between 7.5% and 34.5%.

When you correctly hit an opponent, Bennett’s Normal or Charged Attacks get an extra 4% damage for six seconds, up to a maximum of four stacks.

The Favonius Sword – Four Star

This four-star weapon can be gotten through Wishes. It can boost your base attack by anywhere from 41 to 454, and it also boosts your energy recharge. Even though Bennett doesn’t need Energy Recharge to stay on the battlefield, the boost to Base Attack will be very helpful, especially when you train him up to level 90.

When the Favonius Sword makes a critical hit, there is a 60% chance that a small number of Elemental Particles will be made, which will then give Bennett six Energy. While in use, this can happen once every 12 seconds.

The Amenoma Kageuchi – Four Star

The Amenoma Kaegeuchi is easier to get than many other four-star weapons. You can make it yourself at the blacksmith’s shop. Depending on Bennett’s level, it raises his Base Attack by 41 to 454. And it also gives his Attack an extra boost of between 12 and 55.1 percent.

When you use this sword, every time you use an Elemental Skill, you get one Succession Seed. This can happen every five seconds. Each Seed lasts for 30 seconds, and up to three of them can be used at the same time. When you use Bennett’s Elemental Burst, the Seeds are used up and six Energy are made.

The Mistsplitter Reforged – Five Star

The Mistsplitter Reforged can be gotten through Weapon Event Wishes. Depending on Bennett’s level in the game, it can boost his Base Attack by 48 to 674. It also has an additional stat called Critical Damage, which gives that stat a boost of between 9.6% and 44.1%, depending on the level.

Along with the Might of the Mistsplitter’s Emblem, you’ll get an elemental attack bonus of 12% more. You can get these Emblems when you have less than 100% health, play Snow Rider 3D, or get Elemental damage from a Normal Attack.

The Skyward Blade – Five Star

The Skyward Blade is a five-star sword you can get through Wishes. It has a substat called Energy Recharge, which is nice but not necessary for Bennett. Depending on his level, the Base Attack will give him an extra 46 to 608 damage.

Also, the chance of getting a critical hit will go up by 4%. When Bennett uses his Elemental Burst, he gets Skypiercing Might. Which speeds up both his moving speed and his attack speed by ten percent. His Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks will also do up to 20% more damage.

The Aquila Favonia – Five Star

Wishes is where you can get the Aquila Favonia. Based on Bennett’s level, the Base Attack will go up by between 48 and 674. And the substat will give a 9–41.3% Physical Damage boost.

Your Attack as a whole goes up by 20%, and when you use the soul of the Falcon of the West. Your HP goes back up by 100% and your Attack does an extra 200% damage. This only happens once every 15 seconds, but it is a very useful perk.

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