There are a few things you can do at the end of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet if you rushed through it.

People have said that Pokemon games have boring material over the years, especially in recent years when the post-game is taken into account. Once the story is over and you’ve won, there’s usually not much left to do. Scarlet and Violet looked good in this way because they had an open world and different story paths.

Even though it’s not as big as some of the other books in the series, Scarlet and Violet still have a lot to do. Some of these are things that have always been done in Pokemon games, while others are new to these games. Even though there aren’t as many Pokemon as in other games, there are still a lot of things to do after the credits roll.

Gym Rematches

Many of the games in the series, especially the more recent ones, have this trait. Luckily, Scarlet and Violet follow this pattern, so you can go back to Gym Leaders you’ve already beaten and fight them again, but this time at full strength.

This time, you can skip the Gym tasks and go straight to the Gym fight, which is a good thing. Each leader’s team is bigger and has new Pokemon at higher levels, so be ready with your best team.

Academy Ace Tournament

Some Pokemon games have a place where you can fight over and over again after the main game is over. Scarlet and Violet don’t have this, though. Instead, they have the Academy Ace Tournament. You can take part in this event if you beat the main game. It is run by Director Clavell.

In this tournament, your goal is to beat any four of thirteen trainers from around the area. Even though it’s not as good as the fight settings of older games, the tournament is a fun way to see how your team does against stronger opponents. The teams in the tournament are put together well, and the levels are good enough to make it a bit difficult.

Find And Catch The Treasures Of Ruin Quartet

As with all Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a lot of Legendary Pokemon and surprises to discover. The Ruin Quartet is a group of legendary characters. These four Pokemon are very interesting. They have great stats and great skills that make them stand out, so you should definitely try to catch them.

Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu are all locked up in vaults for reasons that are not clear. That means you’ll have to get stakes before you can even meet them. Read their Pokedex records to learn some sad stories about how they came to be.

Complete The Pokedex

We’ve all either done it or thought about doing it. No matter what, finishing the Pokedex is now a whole part of the franchise. Scarlet and Violet are two of the best games to do this with because they have open worlds.

This job is made easier by being able to see Pokemon in the open world. You don’t have to run through patches of grass, hoping to run into the Pokemon you’re looking for by chance. Plus, since the Pokedex is smaller, you only have to collect 400 Pokemon, which makes this job a bit easier.

Complete A Living Pokedex

So you’ve finished your Pok√©dex. What’s next? If you want to face the biggest challenge in Pokemon collecting, try to get a full living Pokedex. If you have a real Pokedex, you have one of every Pokemon in the game, from Sprigatito to Miraidon and every form and gender difference in between, in your box.

Getting a real Pokedex is hard, and you’ll have to show off your collecting skills. Still, if you’re up for it, it can be very exciting to see your boxes slowly fill up with every Pokemon in the game.

Hunt Shinies

Finding and getting shinies is something else that fans have been very excited about. For those who don’t know, shiny Pokemon, like the famous red Gyarados, have a slightly different color than their base form. Shinies are very rare, though, so if you want to find one, you should be ready to spend a lot of time.

Shiny hunting is a job you should do in the background while you do something else, like listen to a recording or watch a TV show. Still, the hard work pays off in the end because the prize is so good.

Collect All Gimmighoul Coins

Game Freak tried as hard as they could to use some of the open-world design ideas from the genre. Obviously, that means a lot of things to gather. You can find Gimmighoul coins all over Paldea. Once you have 999 coins, your Gimmighoul can grow into a Gholdengo.

You can get these coins in a few different ways. You can catch or beat Gimmighoul in the wild, find wandering Gimmighoul that don’t fight, get a donation from a janitor, and look for sparkling spots around the world. It will take some time to get 999 coins, but the golden surfer will be worth it.

Learn Every Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are a key part of Scarlet and Violet. They let you make powerful buffing food that you can eat while traveling. Using sandwiches, you can make it easier to find certain types of Pokemon, give your party more experience, and even make it more likely that Shinies will show up.

To get all of these benefits, you should start by learning how to make every kind of sandwich. Stop by each of Paldea’s shops for ingredients, stock up on supplies, and start cooking. It will take a while to learn all 151 recipes.

Challenge Tera Raids

As you travel through the Paldea area, you will come across Tera Raids, where you can find Pokemon with Tera Types that are different from their normal types. You can do well in some fights if you have Pokemon with useful Tera types, but that’s not the only thing you can get here. You’ll also get a lot of useful things, like EXP candies, food ingredients, and bottle caps.

Six-star Tera Raids are pretty hard to do on your own, so you’ll need to get ready with a lot of different Pokemon. Also, special events called Tera Raids happen from time to time, where you can battle and catch rare Pokemon. To win these fights, you’ll need to do a lot of planning. They’re one of the most complicated endgame tasks in Scarlet and Violet.

Return To Area Zero And Catch The Cover Legendary

Koraidon and Miraidon are both unique legendary creatures that stay with you from the start and serve as your trusted mounts. After you beat the game, you can finally use their fight Forms in fight. But since they are still your way to get around, you can’t put them in the PC or ride on them in their Battle Form.

After you beat Tunnel Rush, you can go back to Area Zero and meet a second Koraidon or Miraidon, based on your version. You can catch it and use it like any other Pokemon, or you can trade it to a player in the other game in exchange for their cover Legendary.

Complete Every Academy Class

People often forget about the Naranja and Uva Academies in Scarlet and Violet, but they can give you some special rewards if you know where to look. At the Academy, you can learn about many different things. Each subject is taught by a different person, and as the lessons go on, you can learn more about them.

By taking all of the Acadamy Classes, you can make friends with the teachers, learn about the game’s most important mechanics and features, and even get some unique things. If you have nothing else to do in Scarlet and Violet, don’t forget to go to school!

Dip Your Toes Into Competitive Battling

Now that you’ve finished the game, filled out the Pokedex, and learned how everything works, the game is over, right? So, this is where ranked fights and Pokemon competitions come in.

Even though leagues are more difficult and sometimes much more frustrating than the single-player adventure, getting into the competitive side of the game is a great way to keep having fun with it. This might be scary for newbies, but it’s very rewarding to get better at building teams and making predictions.

Try Nuzlocking On Another Save

If you don’t like playing Pokemon against other people, you can always make the game harder on your own. The Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of rules that people make up on their own to make the game more fun. The main rules of the challenge are that any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and can’t be used, and you can only catch the first Pokemon you find in each area.

Since Scarlet and Violet is an open-world game, these rules are a bit weird, but you can find a lot of different ones online to test your battle skills. Nuzlockes are a great way to spice up a game if it starts to get boring or repetitive.

Transfer Pokemon With Pokemon Home

With the version 3.0.0 update to Pokemon Home, Scarlet and Violet now have more features. This means that any Pokemon you moved to Home can now move to Scarlet and Violet, as long as they are suitable.

Even though not every Pokemon can be moved, many of the most popular ones can, like the starters from the Galar area and the Hisuian forms. These Pokemon give you a whole new way to build teams and do Tera Raids. They also make you want to play other games like Sword and Shield or Legends of Arceus to get them all.

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