There are many kinds of survival games, and these side-scrolling ones are some of the best.

Survival games often put players in harsh environments where they have to face obstacles and challenges to make it to the next day. This makes the game feel more real and difficult because players have to plan, gather supplies, and make important decisions to stay alive. On the other hand, many people who grew up with classic 8-bit and 16-bit games feel nostalgic when they play side-scrolling games.

In the end, side-scrolling survival games are fun. Because they have a unique mix of a retro feel, difficulty, exploring, and immersion. Also, by focusing on contextual storytelling, subtle visual cues, and the player’s mind. These games can create a feeling of mystery and intrigue.

Until We Die

Until We Die takes place in a train system in a world where mutants have taken over after the end of the world. As the leader of a group of survivors, players must collect supplies, fight off hordes of mutants, and grow their base in order to stay alive.

The game is also about building bases and real-time planning, in addition to having a scary atmosphere. To stay alive in the subway, which is full of mutants. Players must use their resources and people well to protect their bases from horde attacks. Players can also recruit survivors with different skills to help them explore and deal with the dangers of their underground environment and improve their chances of staying alive.


The end of the world is probably one of the scariest times to lose your family. In the zombie-filled post-apocalyptic world of Deadlight, this is what will happen when players follow Randall Wayne as he searches for his family through the ruins of Seattle. In most zombie games, you can kill them with guns, ammo, or bombs. But in this game, you have to avoid them if you want to stay alive.

The best thing about Deadlight is its interesting story, which is full of twists that keep players wanting more. The combination of platforming, puzzle-solving, and zombies is also an interesting touch. To move forward, you have to think quickly. Which creates a level of stress and desperation that is unmatched in the genre.

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

Players of Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut will be thrown into a world where most people have died because of a disease. Psychological horror themes are used in the game. Which tests players as they try to stay alive and get out of a disease-filled hellscape.

Most horror games require players to pay attention to their physical health. Which is hard enough to do given how hard the game is. But in Lone Survivor, mental health is a factor. So players have to make smart choices if they want to get one of the good endings.

The Final Station

Most survival games take place in a world that is dying and are mostly explored on foot. In The Final Station, you play as Edward Jones. A train conductor who lives 106 years after an accident called “The First Visitation.” So, most of the game is played while on a train.

The game has two ways to play: taking care of survivors on the train while managing resources and fighting strategically at different train stops to find hidden codes and important supplies. Also, the art and music in The Final Station create a feeling of being alone. Which helps bring the story to life.

Endling – Extinction is Forever

In Endling – Extinction is Forever, players take on the part of the last mother fox who is still alive and has to protect her young from the dangers of a world that is dying because of human actions. To do this, they have to find food on their own and avoid being eaten.

The game has a great emotional plot that sends a strong message about the environment. The game’s mood is also made better by the beautiful, haunting hand-drawn art and the great music. It’s a real gem that people who want to feel something should pay attention to.

Grim Nights

In Grim Nights, players take on the part of a medieval village leader who has to gather supplies to protect the village from monster attacks at night. Survival requires careful planning and management of resources. As players must find a balance between protecting the town and making sure they have the things they need to stay alive.

Building strong walls and putting up guards to protect the town are smart strategies. Since the town’s fate depends on how well the player can manage resources and place defenses. Grim Nights is a hard and intense survival game with a level of difficulty similar to that of Until We Die. It is not to be missed.


In Overslept, players take on the part of Jazlynne, a psychologist who likes to take naps after work. The game takes place in a hospital. But one day she stays up too late and wakes up in a hospital that looks familiar but is very different.

Players have to figure out how to get out of a hospital that is haunted by a tall, strange figure. Since players don’t know when the entity will show up. The lights and sounds in Overslept create a creepy atmosphere that will keep them on the edge of their seats. The way the game is made makes you feel scared and paranoid, which adds to the overall experience.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters

In The Coma 2, Mina Park, a high school student, is stuck in a dark, twisted version of her school. Based on Asian folklore, this game challenges players to solve puzzles and find hints to find a way to escape while an evil entity chases them. This small game can keep players interested as they try to figure out what’s going on in the strange alternate world. It has smart gameplay and a good story.

The game’s gameplay is based on a story and has survival elements. It also has a feature where Mina can get hurt for good if the player doesn’t have the right gear.

This War of Mine

In a city torn apart by war, players take on the roles of people trying to stay alive. They have to look for food, medicine, and other supplies to keep themselves and their hideout living. Snipers and scavengers who are out to hurt the survivors add another level of danger and tension as the survivors try to stay away from them while doing their tasks.

In This War of Mine, players control citizens instead of soldiers fighting in a war, which is a different take on the genre. Wordle Unlimited gives a fairly true picture of how war affects civilians and how hard it is for them. Players have to make choices that are both realistic and hard. They have to try to protect everyone in their group. Even if it means starving some people or giving up others for the long-term survival of the rest.


As a family that found an empty cave by accident, players find themselves in a world that has been destroyed by nuclear fallout and must make sure they stay alive. Sheltered is a game where people have to keep their shelter up while looking for goods in a dangerous wasteland.

To keep the family living for as long as possible, players have to carefully manage the supplies they find. Through quests, players might also meet other survivors who could be useful partners in the future. Lastly, decorating and remodeling are important parts of the game because players have to make furniture and other things to make their house a place where their family can live.

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