Mods, like these great armor mods for Skyrim, are a great way to make a great game even better.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a great game on its own, but the fact that there are so many mods for it has made it one of the most famous games of all time. Players can find a mod for just about anything they want to do, from adding a few extra items to the game to totally changing how it works.

Armor is an important part of any player’s journey through Skyrim, as it not only protects them but also gives them a lot of style points as they unlock more choices late in the game. Mods can help improve armor if needed, but where they really shine is in bringing the game’s armor sets into the 2020s with stunning reskins and spectacular custom sets. Here are some of the best armor mods that can make a player feel like a Spartan hero or look like they’re going to the Met Gala.

Silver Dragon Armor

Silver Dragon Armor is one of the best single armor set mods. It adds a new set of enchantable heavy armor to the game that stands out because it was made from scratch. This new set looks absolutely beautiful, with long horns that are meant to make the player feel as much like a powerful dragon as possible.

The armor can be fully crafted and upgraded. It has great armor ratings that are even better than Daedric armor, so it’s worth taking the time to unlock the Advanced Armor and Draconic Armor perks so it can be used to its full potential.

Masters Of Death – Rise Of The Brotherhood

Masters of Death also adds a whole new set of armor to the game, but it goes one step further by making the Dark Brotherhood Assassin’s set much more worthy of an assassin’s gang. It does this by giving it a few different looks and by making it so that it can be worn in different ways. The set is based on the most famous armor from Assassin’s Creed and is a huge improvement over the Dark Brotherhood set. It’s also beautiful on its own.

The new Sicarius Armor can be made and improved through both the Ebony and Advanced Armor trees. This means that all players can get it, no matter what build path they take. Some of the other armor choices for sneaky builds leave something to be desired. But this is one you should definitely get as soon as you can.

Daedric Reaper Armor

The Daedric Reaper Armor, which was added by a mod, might be the most dangerous set of armor yet. It does exactly what the name suggests. Even though the vanilla Daedric set looks good, this new set is a huge improvement that will make dragons flee and let players meet their dark destinies.

This armor set has a lot of choices, depending on what you want. Both men and women can wear full sets or more revealing ones. And they all fit the theme of the mod perfectly. To make these sets, players will have to grind for resources. But they only need the making guide that comes with the mod to get started. No other perks are needed.

Raven Witch Armor And Apex Werewolf

Even though this mod seems to be about things that have nothing to do with each other, Raven Witch Armor and Apex Werewolf fills in some of the gaps that vanilla Skyrim has in terms of female-specific armor and how werewolves look. The Raven Witch Armor is a beautiful set of armor with a plague doctor theme. It is only for female Dragonborn, who may not have high base ratings. But the look of this set more than makes up for this.

The vanilla werewolf’s look is totally changed by Apex Werewolf, which adds a high-resolution. Much scarier version that will probably make players want to stay in the state as long as possible. This mod does everything it’s supposed to do perfectly. Even though the description might make it sound like it’s all over the place.

Lost Paladins Of The Divines Wrath

True fans of The Elder Scrolls may remember the Lost Paladins armor mod for Oblivion. Now, the community has brought the set into the newest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, with a new look that does not fail. The mod has sets for both male and female Dragonborn. As well as horses, so that players can ride into battle with all their gear on.

The story behind this set is what makes it so beautiful. It gives it a level of depth that is rarely seen in mods for Skyrim or in the modding community as a whole. It also comes with matching weapons and several choices for each set. So players can get exactly the look they want based on their tastes.

Realistic Armor

Realistic Armor does exactly what it says it will do. It changes the style of Skyrim armor to a more realistic one based on Nordic armor. This also changes the armor of bandits and other enemies, making it much warmer and more closed to fit with the theme of the scenery. This makes Doodle Baseball feel much more grounded and medieval.

This mod works well with other realistic mods and can make survival mode feel even more real. Even though it doesn’t look as good as the armor sets it replaces. It did exactly what it was supposed to do: make Skyrim much more realistic.

Amidianborn Book Of Silence

The Amidianborn Book of Silence is a huge retexture mod that changes the look of a lot of Skyrim’s clothes and weapons. All of the armor and weapons in the vanilla version of the game have been rebuilt from the ground up to use these new high-quality textures.

As well as the sets of armor and weapons being reworked, most of the unique pieces of clothing and weapons, like dragon priest masks, most Daedric objects, and more, get beautiful new textures. This is the best mod for people who want to improve their Skyrim experience without changing how the game works.

NordWarUA’s Race Armor Expansion

In Skyrim, the armor sets for each race can leave a lot to be desired. The Orcish sets, in particular, beg for more detail and variety. NordWarUA’s Race Armor Expansion adds 6 new Orcish sets, three of each light and heavy armor, as well as two Thalmor sets. So that the non-human races of Skyrim can look fully outfitted.

The mod also comes with retextures for Orcish and Thalmor weapons. Which can be added if you want to finish the look. This gives Orcs and Elves the visual variety it needed to make the medieval tale really come to life.

Horse Armors SSE

Horse Armors SSE is the most important visual upgrade for horses that any player will ever need. It replaces the horse you can buy in each hold with a unique armored version. This not only protects the Dragonborn’s horse, making it into a tank that can take on any bandit camp. But also makes it look great by letting the player match the horse’s armor to their own.

The mod is also compatible with Better Horses. Together, they make horses a powerful pet and give a lot of quality-of-life improvements. The Daedric-themed armor that Shadowmere has might be the best piece of homemade armor. It makes him look even scarier than before.

Immersive Armors

Immersive Armors has been on the list of most popular Skyrim mods for a long time. It adds a huge number of new armor sets and the materials needed to make them. All of which are fully integrated into the world. It gives players of all levels exciting new sets of armor and a huge number of new shields.

This is one of the best mods to add to Skyrim because it doesn’t break the game’s realism or balance because all the sets fit right into the world and its story. There are also a lot of new clothing choices, such as eyepatch, capes, and more. This makes customizing your character much more fun.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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